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NOLF 3 wishlist

[TNT] Sonic Goo

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It just occurred to me that we don't have a NOLF 3 topic yet. Well, we do now. I'll start with some of my suggestions:



- bots

- autodownload/redirect for custom maps

- more vehicles (carchases and gadgets in cars are great for this type of game), from astons to 2cvs, helicopters, etc.etc.

- more hand-to-hand combat for old school Bond lovers

- a good physics engine for improvised combat (see above)

- more exotic locations to visit

- more funny supervillains



- unlimited slots for customised weapons, vehicles

- support for more different filetypes (importing textures, terrain, skins, etc.)

- easier to learn and use (so we'll have more people making more maps)


Got any more?

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I'd like to see some interesting and/or silly weapons. 1960s era weapons aren't exactly exciting...



So you mean like "No One Lives Forever 3 - The Next Generation" :lol:


Look at all the cool stuff Sean Connery had as Bond in the early days. There is a lot there that would fit into this spy game too.

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More character design choices in mp!

For example, in NOLF1 you had a female character and you could pick from various dresses and heads. There wasn't a huge choice, but it was better than what we got in later versions. Having a unique character is something that strongly appeals to me.


The ability to have information on either the server details or the loading screen in mp. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to tell people what maps are being used, where to download them, a short list of rules, etc.?

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I'd like to see an eighties theme...blue eye shadow, leg warmers and lycra, big hair, big hoop ear rings, a few valley girl and valley boy AI's....I think you get the picture.

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LoL Spacko............




How about....................................A reliable Master Server for starters :P

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***A console for the server that can be logged into by players within the game so-as to be able to enforce server rules


*** a freezetag multiplayer mode.... It's kind of like tdm, but what happens is when you are frozen by someone shooting you, you freeze where you are killed, then team players come along to unfreeze you by either shooting you with a beam from a distance or standing over you till you melt.

This is a mod for medal of honor and it is wicked fun.

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I thought about two things:


- a prequel? (inspired by those 3 levels on PS2) about Cate's youth mixed with levels of what Bruno was doing in these days and how they met etc.

- a level in a Fort (you know, like Fort Boyard). Both, in single- and multiplayer. With lots of ways to get in there.


Just wanted to share some ideas :) Now I want to hear yours!


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