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black screen when going underwater

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@Spawn ALL HAIL!!

it woreked! the solution was RIGHT UNDER my nose and you directed me to it.

you have no idea how HAPPY I am!

after adding the modernizer file I just had to activate the ingame  intel fix and voila! 

thankyou so much! @Spawn and @Eliteone.

you guys and this community is doing an amazing job keeping this game alive and helping us making it work.


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I was having a problem like the one below. I solved the problem like this. The game has the Game of the year edition and has a modernizer patch. https://haekb.itch.io/nolf-modernizer

This is such helpful info, THANK YOU! I think I'm going to have to try and fix my old desktop just to play it there are so many problems along with this one since getting my new laptop x___x

Those files can work in other games as well. I haven't had any issues with NOLF but came across issues in other games. Blacks textures are often a problem in other games and those voodoo files tend to

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Happy to help :) 

Also remember to check out multiplayer as well, we play saturdays from aound 4PM EST / 9PM GMT and sometimes during the week as well.

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That's amazing! although I have never played multiplayer before, and Idk how to connect it with other players. But I would love to play it with you guys. 
And also how to connect with you guys, I dont know how I can do that. 

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So i know it's 2020 now but any chance you can help me? downloaded the fixes and now my game wont run, it starts up but jumps to window and wont allow me to get to the grame screen. This is on a window 10, it ran fine tile i had to swim in the ship

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Latest modernizer 1.006 update can be found here:


If game refuses to run when you load the update, you might not have the Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 Package installed..


There is a black screen under water fix in the modernizer update, just have a look at the different options ingame :)

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Thank you to everyone in this thread, I was having the same black water issue. The modernizer worked for me, as soon as I figured out the Intel HD graphics fix was something I had to turn on under the display options. 

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