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Undersea level


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Here's the undersea walkthrough:



Location: Secret underwater HARM base, Aegean Sea

Note: Try not to damage yourself too much towards the end of this chapter or make sure your health/armour is full by then because the next chapter loads you right into a bossfight. REMEMBER!


Dispatch the patrolling Barneys using your scoped crossbow from where you spawn. Proceed forward (sneaking) between the boxes. One of them has a present and some tranquilizers. Beware of a guard near this box.


Jump into the water and swim towards the front of the sub (NW). You'll need to jump to go over the nose and swim towards a ladder to get up. Becareful of Barneys. Go up, turn west and open the gate. Turn right, open the next gate and loot the place for bolts, a crane key, armour if you need, and intelligence. You'll also hear some conversation between some hillbilly and a goody-goody about robots.


Swim back to the other side and climb up the ladder. Open the gate to your right (westwards) and go up the stairs. Activate the crane (inside the crane and not the panel outside) and watch what happens. Amazingly, the people in the control room are too blind to see you going across like that.


Go down the stairs and pick up the present, and return upstairs. There's a door there that goes into the facility.




Turn right and go through the doorways. The first door to your left goes to a john so there's nothing there. The second door, the one in front of you, has a guard inside and another one about to enter. Dispatch with both silently and dispose of their bodies. Take the northern door out and go to the corner of the corridor. Peek out and you'll spot the camera you're already hearing. Disable it before proceeding (use your zoom because you only have two shots).


Proceed down the hallway but be careful of a Barney on your right in the room. Make sure he's done for before he reaches the alarm, so use your crossbow. Search the room he was in but don't go through the door that opens on your left to the long bridge first as this goes to the next stage. Finish exploring this stage first.


Return to the corridor from where you came and go westwards. Explore the rest of the rooms and you may pick up (not sure if this is random) a silenced SMG and more tranquilizers. This place is a big circle so just go around and when you're done, go across the bridge and load the next stage: Command Deck.


Note: Watch out for the patrolling robots. They shoot lasers which do a LOT of damage and they can shoot at you even when you're in a vent.


Once you open the door, there's one more door. Don't open it and listen to the conversation (guard and scientist talking on the far left). There's a camera right up the stairs you see in front of you. The way you want to go is right. Once the conversation ends and those two guys walk off, quickly run right and you'll see a big vent on your left. Open it and go through. There's only one way to go so follow it and you'll end up in a store. Loot and return to where you came from.


Next, get to the left side (from the first door from the bridge) and through a vent again. Follow it and you'll end up on the far end of the corridor. Quickly get into the first room (on your right as the left one can't be opened without an access card) which has a Barney inside (meeting room). Tranquilize or kill him. There's nothing here worth looting so get out and turn right (North). There may be another guard patrolling so hide behind a chair (you can) until he passes, and then get behind him and kill/knock him out before you get out. Return North to the vent hole from where you exited (watch out for the robot - try to get behind it) and then go east straight down the corridor and take the first turning left. On your left is the toilet and on your right two Barneys chatting in what looks like a lounge. Take them out. Again, be careful of the robot. Loot the room - I believe there are some tranqs and electrical charges. Exit using the door at the other end of the room. Becareful of one Barney and the patrolling robot.


There is one camera on your right immediately as you exit. Take it out with your utility launcher. Save.


Quickly go left and go up the ladder and take out any Barneys silently (becareful of any Barneys you left alive downstairs as they will come up the ladder). Take note of the intercom on your right (and some ammo on the cart thingy on the right of it) - you will need to use it later (you can try for fun now - the guy's on a coffee break). Beware of the patrolling robot. When the coast is clear, quickly run to the left and into a long computer room. Take out the scientist and the Barney silently. Loot the place and go to the other end of this place (make sure you pick up a requisition form of some sort from the 2nd row of computers).


Notice the door on the other side - there's a camera right outside the door on the right as you exit, AND the patrolling robot which seems to just concentrate on this part of the place so try and take out the camera first before sneaking out. Once you are out, quickly go to the door on your left with the big sign above that says "Supercomputer room". Take out the scientist inside quietly and talk to the computer. It will tell you that you need access codes and that they can be obtained from some manual which you need to get from some technical support guy.


When the coast is clear outside, quickly run left back to where the intercom is. Talk to it and it will tell you that the darned manual is checked out but will give you an access card for your troubles to a guy named Chris' office to retrieve the manual. Take the card and take the ladder down. Go straight, turn right (westwards) and go right to the end (when coast is clear) until you see a door to your right with an access terminal. Use it and go into the room and start looting. Make sure you pick up the manual and return upstairs using the same ladder.


Return the card to the intercom guy and when the coast is clear, turn right to the supercomputer room. Talk to the computer and it will inform you that what you have is out of date, so back to the intercom. You'll notice a note telling you that the guy is having a cigarette break so let's go find him downstairs! Take the ladder way down again and watch out for Barneys/roaming robots. Once down, go straight and turn right. Take the next right and the door to the left is to the loo. Take poor Sydney out and take his Supercomputer Services access card. Return upstairs using the ladder, pass the intercom, turn right and use it on the first door to your right. The manual is in a drawer (if this isn't random) in the desk on your right. Exit, turn right and fly to the supercomputer room. Talk to the computer and you'll find out where Armstrong is to rescue him. Exit when the coast is clear and use the trusty old ladder to go down. Head straight for the doors in front of you which were not activated before. Go through for the next stage and down the stairs to load: Crew deck.


Go through the doorway and listen to the conversation. Take the double doors left as that area is clear. Loot the two side rooms and go down the hold in the floor in the middle doorway. Listen to the conversation for a hint. When the conversation ends and you see the scientist walk past, exit and turn left. Go through the door and take out the Barney. Loot what appears to be some robotics/computer spare parts room for intelligence. Exit using the door on the left to where the scientist is and kill him. After looting, exit and go through the middle door and up.


Exit and turn left to go out the double doors. The room to your left is a lounge. Take out any Barneys in there and loot. After you're done, exit, turn left and before you turn left at the end of the corridor, take out the camera if you still have disablers left, or wait for it to point right and then quickly run in and take the door on the left. Listen to the conversation as you loot the place. Loot the place for intelligence and go down the ladder. Loot the place and be sure to take the tape recorder on the desk.


Exit using the door and quickly go through the next door you see in front of you but also hide quickly to your left before the camera catches you. Actually, even if the alarm sounds here, it's okay because you can kill the Barneys that come and take their stuff. Anyway, head straight past the O2 tanks and through the other side. Save and take the ladder up and you'll end up in the lounge where there are 2-3 Barneys. Take them out noisily if you want but make sure you have enough armor and health before that.


Exit, turn left and go through the double doors. At the end of the corridor this time turn right. Ignore the camera as there's no way you can avoid this even if you go left and try to run straight. Take out the Barneys and run straight along the corridor until you see a ladder and take it down to load the next stage: Laboratories.


Once you spawn, use the access panel and your recorder will play the voice activation sequence. You'll hear a conversations start. I just took them out and took the first door to my right. Open the door to your right (no need access card, just click on door) and after getting rid of the scientist, loot the place for more intelligence on the US-Soviet situation. Exit the room and turn right on the steel platform and take the stairs down. Take the scientist out and loot the place for more intelligence. There's a Barney and a robot outside so don't bother. Return back up, exit and take the door on your right which has stairs going down. Exit and make sure you're at the back of the robot. Go through the double doors and quickly access the keypad access panel on your right to end the chapter.





If you need more info post and I'll get it for you :D

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Sonic Goo' date='Oct 3 2005, 03:02 PM' post='15522']

Which part of the mission are you exactly? Is there something you still need to find to continue?

Supercomputer says that he is in lower decks super solider pod. my objective is to find him. where is he ?

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Here's the part with Armstrong


After the cut scene finishes, you will have to quickly press F6 to save. What you need to do now is grab your grenades first to finish the big mimes. Three to four will appear so get rid of them first.


Notice the blue, yellow, green wheels you can turn? They let steam out of the hatches Mr Mimey pop out from. Stay at the blue one. Once he pops out of the blue hatch, turn it on and the steam will blow him up a little longer for you to shoot at. Try throwing grenades if you have any left. There's no way to cut this short but to try and try again to get rid of Mimey and save Armstrong before the time ends. Good luck.


After you're done with Mimey, watch the cut scene and wait for the next stage to load: The devil and the deep blue sea.


Once you spawn, watch what happens. Refill armor and health (stuff near the double doors to your left) and water will begin to fill. Armstrong will drain water in the next corridor and tell you to find a intercom to communicate further with him. Once the water is drained, you will be able to open the door to your left. Go through and the roof will fall through in front of you to basically block the way and give you no choice but to take the door on your right. Pick up the access card on the desk. Take the ladder up but becareful of the robot upstairs so try and take him out first with an electrical charge. Go through the door on your left and Armstrong will tell you to do something for him. Shut down the computer terminal to power down the security system. Exit and take the door right opposite which unfortunately leads you to another patrolling robot so quickly do away with him.



Take a left and go up the ladder. A bit of Tomb-Raider crap here where you need to time the electricity and the shooting fires. With these in mind, just go under the collapsed steel roof through the right and then up the ramp and then run right through when the electricity stops. You will hear a conversation going on. The two Barneys are on your left so take them out.

Go on straight and into a store. Jump into the flooded hole and swim southeast through the doors and into the O2 chamber where in the middle there's a tap thingy you can turn on. O2 will flow out of one of the tanks so swim upwards to breathe before you drown. Go down again and swim southwards. Two tanks are blocking your way so weld open the lock that's tying them up. Once freed, they will drop and unblock the door. Go through, turn left and go up the ladder. You'll end up in the lounge where one Barney is, so take him out. There's also one outside so take him out as well. Exit and go eastwards through the door and up the stairs for the next stage to load: Fire in the hole.


When you spawn you'll hear a conversation. Take a look left and you'll see two Barneys and a robot. Get rid of them and proceed through the door on your left through the lounge and out the other way. Turn left and go straight and through the door on your right and out the other side. Go straight and into the meeting room through the first door on your left and out the other door. Look on your right, there's a switch to turn off the fires down below. Return north to the entrance into the vent and go under. Go all the way to the exit and you'll see a Barney on your left trying to kick a door open. Put him out of his misery and proceed down the corridor and into the next vent on your left. Go all the way through and you'll exit in a store. Go out and turn right, pass the shooting flames and into the door on your right. There's a hole in the wall on the far right of the room. Proceed through it, look up and you'll see a hole in the roof with a bit of a ladder on the left side. Jump and climb up and you'll end up in the long room with all the computers. There's a robot there so take it out before proceeding. Go to the other end and there's a Barney trying to fix a computer so take him out. Take the door on your right out and you'll see a Barney on your right hammering a statuette of the Director.

Kill him and pull the Director's finger Armstrong will miraculously appear. Go through the secret door to load the next stage.






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Exit and turn left to go out the double doors. The room to your left is a lounge. Take out any Barneys in there and loot. After you're done, exit, turn left and before you turn left at the end of the corridor, take out the camera if you still have disablers left, or wait for it to point right and then quickly run in and take the door on the left. Listen to the conversation as you loot the place. Loot the place for intelligence and go down the ladder. Loot the place and be sure to take the tape recorder on the desk.


Is that this room IPB Image

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You know you can buy Nolf 2 for under $10 on amazon, Ebay and even stores like Target.


Someone would have to give up their key which would mean they would no longer be able to play.

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