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NOLF 2 Multiplayer problems (Need help >-<)

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Hi, so my problems are the following:

When i start the game, it says "missing cshell.dll" and when i connect to a multiplayer server the game is loading, and then it says "invalid CD key"

I have the original game so i don't really understand what's the problem? >-> Could you help me guys? I would be thankful c:

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Are patched to version 1.3?

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Ye :3 :mml: oh and also, can i ask that, Coop servers will be online someday? o:


Unity HQ used to have one but it has been down for awhile, likely due to the server downsize which was due to a lack of continued donations. On my server list at the bottom there's been one called nolfrevival.tk that has been on there for awhile though.

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51 minutes ago, nole3 said:

hey i really have the same problem it says invilad cd key ??:angry:

You will need to install the Livesforever mod. Since the master server shutdown there is nothing to verify your CD key, hence your invalid CD key warning

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On 5/22/2017 at 3:04 AM, nole3 said:



Means the Livesforever mod isn't setup Follow the first post in this thread to set it up

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