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How to claim Superior Ascension Crystals

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Many of you here on the forums have been asking how Superior Ascension Crystals are claimed from quests and what steps you need to do to get them. Here's a blow-by-blow description of how the process works:

Step 1, Get the Base Ascension Event Quests -- The Auctioneer starts with 3 quests each day that are Ascension related, such as kill 200 creatures. Get those quests and begin completing them.

Step 2, Turn in the quests while under the "Homecoming Warrior Buff" -- For this step, you'll either need to be a returning player or in a party with a returning player while they wear their "Homecoming Warrior" Buff. The returning player needs to activate their Homecoming Warrior's Blessing item to turn on the buff. That buff will be shared with other members of the party.

Once that buff is active, turn in the quest. This will trigger...

Step 3, Grab the new quest from the Auctioneer -- ...a new quest to appear. This quest is generated by the presence of the Homecoming Warrior buff, and it will offer both Superior Ascension Crystals and Ascension Keys or Crates.

These quests are harder and can involve killing a boss like Kadum. The returning players will most likely need to rely on the current player to help them kill the listed boss, but you don't have to be in a party with a returned player or current player to complete the quest.

And that's it! If anyone has any more questions, please be sure to post them to the Gameplay Discussion area.

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