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A follow up to last weekÂ’s letters regarding the server sub-forums, profanity, and personal attacks

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Hello again Adventurers,

Over the last few days, I and the rest of the team have been watching everyoneÂs chat and responses to last weekÂs letters from the Community Manager and Customer Service. Many of you have sent us all of your thoughts on these new changes, both positive and negative. With all of that feedback in mind, we wanted to let you know that weÂve been listening and will be implementing some changes and clarifications into the rules we presented last week.

First of all, letÂs discuss the forums. Many of you have let us know that you love the server-specific forums and that you all really want a place to maintain and grow the communities on your individual servers. You want to hear about the escapades of your neighbors, listen to the in-game wars, and have a one-stop-shop for events and news. Some of you also suggested that you like the idea of the new rules, and would rather we just apply those new forum rules to the server specific sub-forums instead of eliminating them entirely.

This feedback was great, and weÂre happy to let you all know that weÂre going to be following it. This week, on Thursday, May 24th, the server-specific forums will not be removed. They are, of course, still subject to the new Community Rules. But please enjoy posting in those forums and discussing your serverÂs latest news with your neighbors.

One other piece of feedback that was universally brought up to us was the description of our first rule, which covers personal attacks against another player. Many read this rule and perceived it to be a rule that both outlawed profanity and outlawed PvP smack talk within public channels. This is absolutely not the intent of this rule.

Profanity in the public chat channels is still allowed in ArcheAge, and so is the usual battle smack talk. What isnÂt allowed is taking your attacks so far that they begin to reference the player in real life rather than the character in-game. WeÂre talking about instances where a player launches into a volatile, personal crusade against another player for their actions in-game. This is the type of behavior that goes beyond simple smack talk, like finding pictures of a player and personally insulting their real-life appearance, insulting their family, or going beyond the confines of the game. ItÂs perfectly fine for you to say a few choice words when someone steals your packs, or to tell someone else that they suck for the camp they set up. ItÂs not okay when those choice words begin to cross out of the game and into the playerÂs personal life.

As of today, we are clarifying the rule as thus:
  • Personal, real-life attacks against another player: We understand that, in the play of ArcheAge, profanity, name-calling, and more can happen. However, personal attacks that involve the real life player and not the in-game character are not allowed. For example, you can say that someone is a Âsh*tty wimpy Darkrunner or that they use Âassy tactics in PvP but you canÂt say that someone is a Âsh*tty father or Âmust be mentally handicapped in real life. Keep it to the game and the game alone.

Finally, a note on harassment and targeted harassment. We did get some players reporting other players for camping them, threatening to camp someone on faction chat, or stalking them in-game in an attempt to kill them and drive them from a questing area. This type of behavior is allowed in ArcheAge, as it is the nature of a PvP game. If you are being camped, we encourage you to either call in back up, hire mercenaries, or leave the area and retreat to a Nui Statue, safe zone, or another conflict zone away from your attacker.

As always, if you have more questions or seek clarifications, please post your comments in the thread below.

Safe travels throughout Erenor,

The ArcheAge Team

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