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Leesy's competition


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Anyone heard from Leesy?

He was gonna start an allcomers competition, did it make any progress?

You out there Lees?

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There are two factors slowing this done. One is [WR]Factor.... Jokes. 1 - I've just been busy recently and haven't had a chance to code something up. 2 - I'm lazy! I've just found it hard to get myself motivated to do some coding when it's what I do all day at work smile.gif I have been working on a web page design though. Nova saw some of the pictures I was creating for it (although there were very simple). It's a 3 day weekend over here at the end of the week, plus I have a day off in next week to so I'm going to get going on it very soon.

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Those pictures were soooo good. I likey them. I'd use them for my signature....but my fonts suck...anyway...



I'd like to help, Lots of time, not lazy...well that's a lie....it just depends on what it is...

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Sorry to bring up an old topic, blink.gif but I think we should really kick this idea into high gear. Maybe we could get an idea of how many people would like to join into this tourny? Post if you think you would join.

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High gear it is then. I'm a little busy for the nice few weekends, but here's the deal...


1st June, I'll launch this thing. You'll have a pretty little site where you can sign up, organise your team etc. Then it's a case of sitting back and letting the killing begin!!!


So there you go, you have a definite date, I have something to aim for. I'll hand out moderator posts etc. nearer the date - so start the bribes, compliments etc. coming!



Guess you'll want some kind of regular updates too, so how's this Skippy - Tuesday, you can get a look at how the site will look. I'll give you a link where you can play around with a dummy version of the site. Don't expect anything fancy though - it's going to be reasonably simple. Then every week after that I'll give everyone here a regular update.

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really nice site leesy...nice job wink.gif

i have a question though...do we put together our own teams and then submit it to u with their own name and stuff?...

is that how this works...im not certain on that...

and then also...id like to be a moderator...and the best bribe i can give u is...im energetic, im always in forums, and ive showed maturity by not spamming anymore wink.gif...and i moderate WR forums so i have experience...o and i guess i could give u a snickers.gif

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Still working on it - here's what it looks like so far:




YAY!!!!!!!!!!! You used teh Snowy Cate one! Kick-Buttox! I can tell that you're working on it, I was trying to register and it kept going back to the same page, and I was like, WTF?!! but then I read your post that you were still workin' on it...hehe...Looks Very good, I = very impressed.


lol Factor, what experience? The WR forums aren't that active, how can you use the powah?! Now 'ya see...I have experience with it in the SFI Forums...so 'ya know...You can always make Nova a moderator...she's trustworthy and knows how to stick-to the rules of the Moderators.



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hey...WR forums may not be active...but i still moderate them tongue.gif


o and leesy...my team has been made...

im just posting this so that ppl actually make good teams...

cuz we want competition wink.gif


name is -NeXuS-...=NeX= is tag...


Bahamut Zero








is there a team out there that can challenge us?...

i think there is 1 possible...but the 3 main players wont get together...well...odds of it rnt good wink.gif

and i wont name them tongue.gif

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First, teams will be made up of 5 people (with 2 substitute players for when peeps are ill etc.). Wanted to keep the team size small so that there was a greater number of teams which leads to more competition.


As for the site not working - that's because it's just the one page. Nothing else is meant to work yet so none of the links point to anywhere.


And as for how you'll sign up to a team etc. First you'll have to sign up as a player, then you have an option or creating a new team, or browsing the existing teams to find one to join. It'll work like that.


Finally - the moderators. No idea who I'll choose yet - the bribes do help me decide though wink.gif THe forum isn't likely to be that big though. Why would we need another huge forum where people can chat etc. when we have a perfectly good one here. I'll just use the forum as a place to post results, ask questions about the competition etc. But there will be no spam area!


And Factor, here's my team:








Yeah... I wish. Couple of those wouldn't even be in the same server, let alone team.

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Looking good, Leesy! specool.gif

If there's something I can do to help, just let me know.


Factor, if you have a team of all the best players, who's going to want to play against you? I know I won't. I'd like a little more than a snowball's chance in hell. Oh, and you forgot to put Lodingi in there. tongue.gif


Umm, Nova, you have access to the SFI server commands, not moderator status in the forums. whistle.gif I don't know why people are always clammering to be moderators, it's not all that fun yelling at people and moving posts around. More of a hassle than anything else.

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lol...i know...but ppl recognize u as "important"...and who doesnt wanna be important?


and um...Leesy's team whoops my teams arse...so ya...

but r u saying i have to kick sum1 off my team leesy sad.gif

how about we keep 8...we will have 3 subs wink.gif



leesy...i really like ur team...has 2 really strong players...easily in top 5 best ever...Baron and AngelEyes...well...all of that is opinion...but hey...w/e...

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Factor, if you have a team of all the best players, who's going to want to play against you? I know I won't. I'd like a little more than a snowball's chance in hell.



my only reason for playing would be to beat a team of wannab elites rolleyes.giftongue.gif

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ya bella...the reason this team was made was so ppl actually put teams of skill together...and besides...its not a team of skill only...


we r all REALLY good friends...all of us...

so its cool...

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Well couldn't it be a goal of its own to get to know some new peeps and shake up the teams for real? I mean, I could find five STs to play with (and five ones who are good enough to kick Factor or Leesy's team to oblivient at that biggrin.gif) - however wouldn't it be more fun to at least try to make teams with two objectives: to keep them as even as possible, and to make new links and friendships (or more drama *drool*) in the community?


Cuz like Bella said, whipping together the best seven players you know to KICK EVERYBODYS BUTTS might seem like a good plan... But in the end that is absolutely not what's going to make the tournament fun or meaningful. Just my take on it.

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I'm in for a draft. It'd be great to play with noe people. But I think factor took the idea of our "team" the wrong way. My intention of putting together a team like Mine was to get some matches going, and get more competition going.


And Azazel is a nice person, he just doesn't like when people stereotype him. Leave him out of this, then we'll see if scorpio can put his gun where his mouth is. mad.gif


P.S. I'm going to polish up our teams site, and then hopefully get some matches going for before the tournament. That way we can all get some good practicing in.

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