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Adding a mine


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Hi.. I have some questions about DEdit and mapping :)


1. I just played Midnight Massacre and noticed the alarm-button.

I clicked it and suddenly a mine or a bomb exploded on the stairs ;)

Can someone please tell me how this can be done?


2. How to add custom textures? Erm first of all how to make them? Wich type of image are they?


3. I rezzed my room with custom sounds, but the sounds didn't work.

What to do? Put the sounds in an extra folder? :o


-- End of n00b questions --


Mapping is fun but I only have 2 rooms until now ^^

How the heck can you build such huge maps as Cable Car Station?! omg! RESPECT


Thank you :D

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I'll post some stuff about images in Dedit some time (soon maybe).

The explosion thing, I'll look into later...but it might have to do with explosion, screenshake, and some kind of trigger objects...


For anything custom, make sure you include the folder the same way you used it. The original has to be somewhere where nolf can reach it, for example, ...No One Lives Forever 2\Game\Sounds\MySounds\customsound.wav and then rez it like this: ....MyMap\Sounds\MySounds\customsound.wav

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Thx for the quick help with the sound stuff.


I got some more question: :lol:


1. How to add the rocket launcher? I can't find it :unsure::(


2. Is there a way to run the world in multiplayer mode without rezzing and so on? (I mean press run in DEdit and it runs as e.g. DD)


-- Well things would be easier if they were easier --

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Start map as usual, press Esc, click on Leave Game,

in the main menu, host either a LAN or Internet game. (might check for your map in the Campaign list first... And make sure there are no weapon restrictions...)

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