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Livestream Recap: March 24, 2016

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Greetings Adventurers! Here's a small recap of the topics we covered on today's livestream!

Disaster locks down extra land on Kyrios: We recently removed some of the ownerless castle walls that were lurking on some servers, causing additional land in Auroria to open up! On Kyrios, the event turned into a brawl between Disaster and a variety of other guilds including NaCl and Crippling Debt in an attempt to lock down some extra acres. The fighting looked fantastic from the GM's perspective, and we were happy to get footage of it!

If you have any major events coming up that you'd like to be recorded and showcased, PM Celestrata with the information and we'll see if we can make it!

Khrolan confirms upcoming changes -- After our PvP deep dive, Khro went over some of the changes you can expect to see in our April Update. Topics include Ayanad Patterns being added back to Heart of Ayanad, the Skill Queue coming to live servers (FINALLY!), Korean versions of skills re-implemented into the game, and we will be merging Morpheus and Rangora into the original Auction House clusters. We estimate Morpheus will join up with the Ollo, Tahyang, Salphira, and Kraken cluster. Rangora will possibly be joining with the Shatigon & Kyprosa cluster. It is possible that we may merge all of the EU servers into one Auction House cluster; this is not final, but it is being investigated.

We're looking at bringing out the April Update on the third week of April.

Some commentary on the current limited events -- Khro also took a moment to really discuss the two limited time events that are running in the game -- the Hereafter Festival and the "Shiny Request" quest -- to explain why these types of events are beneficial to the game as a whole from an economics standpoint. (And also that we received your feedback loud and clear.)

A brief moment of trolling Khrolan -- It wouldn't be an ArcheAge livestream without SOME trolling involved somewhere.

An update on Archery -- Players asked what questions we did ask XL, and Merv details them in this segment. Additionally, it appears that further Archery class changes will happen with Update 2.9 in May and not with the April Update.

Chat Q&A -- We then turned to chat to grab as many questions as we could to answer. Unfortunately, a brief network disconnect from Twitch caused the video to be split into two parts, so the Q&A is continued in this video too.

Don't forget, you can always watch the full livestream (and part 2 as well) on the official Trion Worlds Twitch page at your leisure!

Next week's livestream will also be on Thursday instead of Friday, so make sure to join us then!

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