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I upgraded the forum to the latest Invisionboard version. I have a few more issues to iron out but pretty much all is up and running.


Should have it done as soon as possible


I apreciate everyone's paitence B)

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Yes, it works quite well. A few bugs I noticed, in case it would help, are:


- BBCode tag menus in the "post reply" or "new thread" windows don't show up very well, some options are mixed together because the line's not wide enough.


- Apparently, the database didn't keep trace of the posts that were already read or not, making posts that are 15 days old appear as "new".


- There still are a few frame colors to change, in order to go back to our really cool "orange dream" thingy.


- Cool orange flowers don't have a transparent background, but a white one, so they don't show up properly. Well, they DO show up properly, but not the way they did before, white background on white background. :)


Apart from these very few and minor details, everything's alright, and thanks a lot for taking care of these boards that way, Elite :D

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Thanks for the confidence Genesis. I'd have gotten further along but I looked at the clock and did a OMG it's 2am !!!


I'll be working on it some more tonight

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I hope the thread isn´t too old ...


I like the style of the forum very much! :) The colours are very inviting to stay ...



Never too old a thread if you have a comment to add to it ;)


Glad you like the look.

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