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X Up For Fair Play: A warning against using third-party programs

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Hello Brave Adventurers,

We have a significant update to share with you today regarding use of illicit third-party programs (ÂbotsÂ/ÂhacksÂ) in ArcheAge. Many of you have noticed that our detection and enforcement has gotten better and better over time, but itÂs not perfect yet.

For the past months, our team has been hard at work at creating better methods to accurately and quickly detect players who have been playing unfairly.

This new detection has already been enabled for a few weeks, and weÂve done this without adding any new or invasive security software to your play experience. ThatÂs been really important to us: Highly improved security, with zero impact on the legitimate players.

Our first wave of bans on botters, gold farmers, and other types of suspicious accounts is now complete. You should all notice many less automated accounts in your travels. But, our new checks also caught some people who are generally solid community members still running software like this from time to time.

We wanted to provide everyone with as much notice as possible that now is the time to uninstall it and stop. Those players who appear to be mostly legitimate community members will receive an email warning them about this policy and informing them to stop immediately.

After this warning, anyone who continues to run the detected hack or bot programs will be subject to a permanent ban, regardless of their tenure in ArcheAge. Please note that we can also see when alternate accounts are associated with other main accounts, so making use of these tools on a throwaway account will lead to disciplinary action on your main.

We donÂt like to ban anyone whoÂs playing and enjoying the game, but fair game play for the legitimate community members always has to be and always will be our top priority.

Adventurers, please spread the word on this and let your friends, guild mates, and fellow community members know that these programs are not welcome in ArcheAge. We greatly appreciate the help in spreading the word.

If you have questions about any of this, please donÂt hesitate to drop us a line in the thread below. WeÂll answer as many questions as we can!

The ArcheAge Team

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