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Prepare for battle with double experience, honor, vocation, and loot drops: March 4 - 8

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Prepare for the battles ahead with almost double everything! From 8:00 AM GMT (12:00 AM PST) on March 4th to 8:00 AM GMT on March 8th, we're doubling all experience gain, honor gains, vocation badge gains, and even doubling your loot drop chance!

Gains affected:
  • Double experience from all sources
  • Double vocation*badges
  • Double honor from all sources
  • Double natural loot drop chance
Important Note: The double honor in this event will affect all sources of honor in game, even honor gained from serving on a jury and honor from quests! However, it will not double honor offered by guild buffs after serving on a trial.

NOTE: As some people have asked, today's Double Everything event does NOT affect regrade rates. We are simply having a sale on Regrade Charms.

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