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Hosting Doomsday Server - Crashes When Trying to Join

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Hi Guys,


I've got a COOP and DM server running without issues, but I'm trying to get a Doomsday server up. The Doomsday server appears to be running fine, but when I try to join the server, my game crashes. So, I tried hosting one locally from my gaming PC, and it did the same thing. Is there anything special that needs to be done to get this to work?


All the server shows is this:

New client, id 0, for a total of 1.

No Team start point for team (255)!

Removing client, id 0, leaving 0.

Here are my doomsday server settings:


MaxPlayers = 16

TimeLimit = 20

TagScore = 1

Team1Model = 8

ReviveScore = 1

PieceRemovedScore = 2

NumTeams = 2

Team0Name = "Blue"

CampaignName = ".default"

Rounds = 1

DeviceCompletedScore = 10

Team1Name = "Red"

HeavyPiecePlacedScore = 5

FriendlyFire = TRUE

SessionName = "OwN-3m-All's Doomsday"

RunSpeed = 130

FragScore = 2

LightPiecePlacedScore = 3

Team0Model = 0

My NOLF 2 game has the 1.3 patch installed with the map packs and the livesforeverplus mod. Any idea?

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Hello! I run a server Contract J.A.C.K. and I have no problems.


The problem is ONLY that there are no players lol :)

Now I tried to run Nolf2 DD server, and also do not see any problems.


1. your IP must be permanent. This solves your ISP.

2. It is necessary to rewire ports router 27880 - 27890 or your router should assign the status of the DMZ «demilitarized zone" to server NOLF2

3. Install Nolf2 ver 1.3 and No-CD

4. Install the patch. There read help.txt


or here



5. After installing the patch, check the file "hosts" here: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

Open file "hosts" by "notebook", there should be a line

# no one lives forever 2 nolf2.available.gamespy.com #check nolf2.master.gamespy.com #heartbeats nolf2.ms9.gamespy.com #server list


6. Each server is assigned to a different port. For example, Co-op 27882, DM 27884, TDM 27886, DD 27888

7. The game and the server must be run in compatibility mode for Windows XP SP3

8. Download and install Qtracker, now it is an analogue of GameSpy.


Qtracker must be run in compatibility mode for Windows XP SP3

Your server must be visible on Qtracker

I do not see your server on "Qtracker". I see your servers only on "Nolf2"...

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nolfrevival.tk (DM) connect (Co-op) connect (DD) error …


I do not see yours server here /Qtracker window/





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Yeah, I don't know why the DD server crashes when trying to connect. Hmm, I'll take a look at a few things.


Does anyone actually use Qtracker to find NOLF2 servers?


By the way, you could just patch the server binary using this utility I wrote instead of messing with the hosts file if it should ping Qtracker's master server:




But, I wasn't able to find those nolf2 entries in any of the executables using my method. Where did you pull those gamespy host names from? Which executable or dll has those actual entries?


Has anyone successfully run a DD server using the LivesForeverPlus mod? It seems there were some issues as discussed here? http://unityhq.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=2195




I got it to work by running the server in compatibility mode for Windows XP SP3


I missed that part of your instructions. How come I don't have to do that for any of the other game types? DD will not work until the server binary is run this way. Can you connect to it now?

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Yeah, right now your server DD normally works through the menu NOLF2 games.
I have two providers: provider of permanent (continuous external IP) and mobile provider for the tablet and smartphone.
My Permanent ISP connects me to the server "NOLF2" via the menu NOLF2 games and through Qtracker menu.
My mobile provider connects me to the server "NOLF2" only through Qtracker menu. :angry01:
I think now many players have a mobile provider, so have problems connecting through the game menu. Players do not see "NOLF2" servers in the game menu.

I don't see your servers through Qtracker menu.
Qtracker an analogue GameSpy (currently disabled) and an alternative connectivity option. Mods "LivesForeverPlus" and "Launcher" from the URA using GameSpy.
Perhaps you or your ISP use a FireWall or Antivirus? Try to turn them off.
Connecting through Qtracker requires a command line in window Qtracker:
-GOMULTIJOIN 1 +join [$server_ip_address]:[$server_port_connect]

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