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Installed Spellcheck biggrin.gif



As you will notice there is a spellcheck function when you post


So post on and make sure it's spelled correctly



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I don't make any speeling mistakes wen I post anyway. My English it perfecly good. Glad to see it has some British and American spellings. Everyone knows colour is meant to be spelt with that U.

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Yeah, and it makes it longer for us to read tongue.gif . I think typing correctly is being respectful to others, in a way. Even if, in your case, it's not very important, Fac. You don't make sooooo many mistakes after all...

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Cool! This is great! Now I can see what I need to do to improve my spelling and grammar, since I rather spell and have great grammar than purposely spelling incorrect words like Factor rolleyes.gif


Hehe! laugh.gif

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hahahaha...your just jealous...u wish u could misspell words like me tongue.gif


fine...for all u people...i MIGHT start using it...


look...i just used it...this whole message is correct!

i didnt use words like ppl...and ur...mwahahah...hey they think "u" is right tongue.gif...

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