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Livestream Recap: February 12th, 2016

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Greetings Adventurers! Here's a small recap of the topics we covered on today's livestream, and there are a lot of exciting topics!:

SERVER TRANSFER INFORMATION FOR YOU: Let's hit the important points: Coming February 29th, will cost 2,700 credits to execute, and will have a cooldown of 30 days. (That means you can buy APEX via the Auction House to pay for a transfer.) All servers are included except the fresh start servers, Rangora and Morpheus. Players cannot transfer characters across regions (NA & EU) but may transfer between all other servers. Server transfer limits may be put into place depending on if a server's faction becomes too imbalanced, or has accepted too many new characters. These restrictions will change over time as players move from server to server. A blog post will be coming next week to discuss all of these details in a formal news post.

Second big piece of news -- we've worked with XLGAMES to bring a new version of the Costume Synthesis system to NA & EU! While this new version will bring statistics to the costume slot, it is also heavily based on in-game earnings and in-game crafting. We'll have more detailed information in next week's livestream, but you can click the link to get a brief overview of the system

Current bugs: Skillsaver Pendant & Storage Chest "Item in use" -- XL has identified the cause of the Skillsaver Pendant bug and are working on a fix. This issue is limited to NA only, and is related to the accidental early release of the Skillsaver system onto the NA servers. For the chest issue, XL is still investigating using the affected accounts we have provided them.

Skill Queue is still on PTS, have fun testing it: Skill Queue is still on the PTS, and testing is going really well! The God's Whip bug looks like it's finally been removed, and skills are rolling fluidly. We hope to have this and the Korean version of the ArcheAge skills over to everyone soon.

See Costume Synthesis in action: We've provided a deep dive of the Costume Synthesis system in this livestream. Click on the link to watch! Highlights:
  • You can continue to use your old costumes as normal without stats.
  • You can turn any costume in the game (even Royal's Disguises) into an image item and fuse it onto a Basic Costume, which provides stats.
  • You gain new stats as the costume increases in grade.
  • Your stats increase in power as the costume gains experience.
  • Experience is given to a costume through Synthium Stones. These items are dropped in Shard form on Auroria from monsters or Stone form from World Bosses. Each stone offers 100 exp on a costume. High grade costumes require different stones, which you can make through Alchemy skill and Clear Synthium Stones.
  • All details will be provided next week in an article on the system. Otherwise, for now, check out the video to see the full rundown!

Stormwing Pegasus!: We've previewed the look of the Stormwing (Black) Pegasus in game! You'll be able to get this mount by purchasing a lockbox for credits or directly purchasing it for Loyalty Points. PLUS, for the first time in a very long time, the Wrapped version of the mount and armor will be tradeable. That means you can put any extra copies of the mount up on the Auction House for people to purchase with gold. Enjoy, Adventurers!

Don't forget, you can always watch the full livestream on the official Trion Worlds Twitch page at your leisure!

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