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So what future movies is everyone looking forward to? Here are a couple I'll be keeping my eyes on...


Johnny Bravo - "Can you say that again because all I heard was 'Blah, blah, blah, woman'!". I think Johnny Bravo can be damn funny and I would like to see a JB mobie. But who is playing Johnny I hear you scream. Well The Rock's playing him. Now a year back this would have made me run a mile but I've seen a few of Rock's movies since The Scorpion King and well... he's actually quite amusing. Did anyone see him in Be Cool? He had me in stitches. I really do think he will make a great Johnny Bravo - he has the look, the build and he could deliver the lines really well. Although I do think he'll look a little wierd with blonde hair.


Police Academy - That's right folks - a new Police Academy movie. It looks like they are using the original cast which should be great. But it has been a good 11 years or so since the last one - will they still be as good or will their characters be too "old"? Well I guess it can't be as bad as Mission To Moscow....


The A Team - Now I heard some of the cast they were thinking of but I can't remember all of them. All I can remember is that Jim Carey could be Murdoch and George Clooney could be Hannibal. I have to see this one.


So anyone got any others?

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(doesn't anyone get tired of live action remakes of cartoons? anyway...)


There's really only one movie I can come up with that I would seriously be looking forward to. A few years ago there was talk of filming William Gibson's classis scifi novel Neuromancer. And it gets better, because the director was going to be... Chris Cunningham. You'd think that with the huge succes of the The Matrix, Hollywood would be looking for more cyberpunk to make. But strangely this project has disappeared into development hell. I'm still hoping it gets made, though...

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