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Livestream Recap: February 5th, 2016

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Greetings Adventurers! Here's a small recap of the topics we covered on today's livestream:

The Headliner -- Costume Synthesis & Mistsong Summit: Hard is coming in February: First of all, exciting news, Mistsong Summit: Hard is releasing in February! If it wasn't hard enough before, it will be now!

Second big piece of news -- we've worked with XLGAMES to bring a new version of the Costume Synthesis system to NA & EU! While this new version will bring statistics to the costume slot, it is also heavily based on in-game earnings and in-game crafting. We'll have more detailed information in next week's livestream, but you can click the link to get a brief overview of the system

Community Questions & Behind the Scenes: We answered a few varying questions from the chat that broached a wide variety of subjects. No word on the Ayanad Scrap system just yet, and the Heart of Ayanad dungeon has no changes scheduled quite yet. We are still working and investigating a variety of bugs introduced by 2.5 with XLGAMES, including the Chrome Steamfish Submarine, the "item already in use" error on chests, and more. We also offered some clarity into how our communication process works with XLGAMES, and how changes are made to the game.

A New Skill Queue is on the PTS: We said we'd let you know when Skill Queue was improved on the PTS, and the change has happened! Drop by the PTS server today and try to break the new Skill Queue. Let us know how it goes with a post in the PTS Forums, and if you find any issues with the queue! Additionally, the KR versions of the skills are not on the PTS server, but skill queue is.

Stormwing Pegasus is coming! (Black Pegasus): Soon, adventurers. Soon the pegasus will be upon us! The Pegasus will be here before the end of the month, available in a new mount box. You'll get to see it for yourself on next week's Livestream!

Bloodsong Pack Purchasers will be getting more labor potions early next week: As some of you rightfully pointed out, the wrong Worker's Compensation potions were included in the Bloodsong bundles! We're terribly sorry about that, and we're fixing the packs early next week so they no longer offer the potions that have cooldown. We'll also be offering packs of no-cooldown potions to everyone who has already bought a pack, so you'll get double the Worker's Compensation potions! Sorry about that!

Valentine's Day items are returning: Next week on the 12th, last year's Valentine's Day items are returning to the store. Plus, look forward to Valentine's Day social media posts scheduled throughout the week!

Server Transfers on track to release before the end of February: The Trion team is working hard and is still on track to offer server transfers before the end of February. More information to come on the transfers as the system nears completion!

Don't forget, you can always watch the full livestream on the official Trion Worlds Twitch page at your leisure!

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