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Bloodsong Loyalty, Homecoming Pack, Skillsaver Pendant Delivery Update

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Greetings Adventurers!

As promised, our team is rolling out the Bloodsong Loyalty and Homecoming bundles today to all of our players! As with our last few bundles, sending all of these items to everyone in the game is quite time consuming, so don't fret if yours hasn't appeared on the Glyph store just yet! We're still sending these items out to everyone!

We've also gotten reports that some of you who have (or have had) Patron status at any point in ArcheAge's life have not gotten the extra loyalty tokens and extra coins when you redeemed your pack. If that is the case, we have already identified who you are and will be adding an extra pack to your Glyph store later today which will allow you to retrieve those items separately. Sorry for the extra delay, but we're on it!

Finally, please remember that the extra coins and loyalty tokens are only for those who have supported ArcheAge in the past by either purchasing an item for real money or whom have been Patron, be it from APEX, subscription, bundle, etc. If you are a free player who has not had patron prior to January 26th, you will not receive those extra coins and tokens.

We'll update this post once all of our sending is complete, or if the status changes. We hope you're enjoying Mistsong Summit, the new Arenas, and the rest of Bloodsong's brand new features!

The ArcheAge Team

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