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No CD and Multilingual GUI for “ No One Lives Forever 2” ver 1.3 ( + German version: blood enable )

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File Name:





No One Lives Forever 2” ver 1.3


File Submitter: orion98



File Submitted: 17 Jan 2016



File Category: zip



More information:


The Package is in the archive.

The archive contains the files:

1. English / Russian / German / French / Italian / Spanish

GUI and Subtitles

2. No CD (Disable CD-ROM requirement)


Corrects errors:


1. Error "no disc"

2. Russian chat when playing online

3. For the German version included all the options (+ blood enable)

“ Optionen - spiel - blut – ein “




Multilingual GUI is changed by copying the replacement files:


Lithtech.exe (Lithtech it is No-CD) on game folder.

Also the file Update_v1x3_GUI will be added.

There will also be added to the registry entry to run this file.




1. Make the game "No One Lives Forever 2" upgrade to version 1.3

2. Unzip and Run the patch from Administrator


How to play.


Make the “No One Lives Forever 2” executable run in Windows XP Service Pack 3 compatibility mode.

Right-click on the icon of the game - Properties - Compatibility




To return to the original graphic interface, run the patch mode "Default"




Your old file Lithtech.exe (No-CD) is not saved, archive it (if necessary) on their own.


Download link No CD + Multilingual GUI for Nolf2

========== ver 1.5

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