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Livestream Recap: January 15th, 2015

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Greetings Adventurers! Here's a small recap of the topics we covered on today's livestream:

Sera is Merv's Friend: Long awaited suspicions are confirmed as Merv and Seraphina cement an everlasting friendship. Seraphina now has +1 friend.

PTS Date and Bloodsong Release CONFIRMED: Bloodsong will be reaching the PTS server as of next week! Look for it to hit on Wednesday, January 20th. Afterwards, we're targeting January 26th as Bloodsong's official release date.

A Walkthrough of Balanced Arenas: We offered viewers a walkthrough of our new Balanced Arenas! For more information, check out this highlight or read about it on the official website.

Siege Changes: There are a variety of changes coming to sieges, including a participation cap raise to 100 vs. 100, changes to the way the defense force works, new siege vehicles (the siege tower), changes to how buildings work, and more! You can listen to some of these changes in the linked highlight, or visit our official website to learn more.

Changes to Honor Items: A few changes to honor items are coming up. Honor Lunafrosts are now bound on pickup, new lunagems have been added for Shield Penetration, and lower level PvP Lunagems are now cheaper, socket easier, and have higher stats than before.

New Item: Skill Saver Pendant: The Skill Saver Pendant now allows you to save full skill builds and recall them back at a later time! Just save your current character loadout into the pendant, switch up your skills, and then select an old favorite to go back to it. This does take gold as though you were re-speccing your build, but it's a great timesaver.

Ability Change Highlights: We paged through every skill tree in the game and covered some of the major changes coming to your favorite abilities. Watch this highlight for all of the details!

Miscellaneous Updates: With the time we had left, we covered a few final topics: A new fix to warehouses, inventories, and chests (so they don't randomize as often.) The library will now drop a sealed accessory equal to a Shroudmaster's accessory, but is a higher tier. Finally, Treehouses will all be purchased with 500 merit badges. All Merit Treehouses can create thunderstruck branches that produce thunderstruck logs, and they each have a different appearance. The MTX version of the Treehouse does not produce thunderstruck branches -- fair warning! Finally, the 180k proficiency skill titles have been updated with new, fancier names.

Double it. DOUBLE ALL OF IT!: We finally announced that from 1/19 to 1/26, we're going crazy with doubling! We're doubling honor gains from ALL sources, double experience, double vocation experience, and double loot drop chances! DOUBLE ALL THE THINGS!

Don't forget, you can always watch the full livestream on the official Trion Worlds Twitch page at your leisure!

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