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NOFL 2 Different Textures ?? Fake Screenshot ??

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Hi guys, some days ago I have been checked the screenshot about NOFL 2 in another website... And I found something's strange... The first, I see these image and found if these image have a differences with the retail game that I was playing, especially the Sign Textures....


Look at these images ( I have been edited it first, so you know what I mean... ), but anyone knows why this is happening in this game ? Why the Textures from the retail game is different from some of screenshot in Website ? Is it mod, patch or something else ? Can you help me to find the original ones like that ?


Also, there's a scene in this game that's not include in this game ( Multiplayer or Single Player ), but I think this is Taj Mahal, but how to get this map ?? Is it mod too like another at above ??



--- Best Regards ---

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