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Trying to get Multiplayer for NOLF2

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Hi everyone and a happy new year!


I'm trying to get nolf2 multiplayer working. I've followed instructions for installing the LivesForever.REZ as a custom mod in the LivesForever subfolder.


I'm using the JoinIP.exe to try launching multiplayer. But after NOLF2 starts, I get "Invalid CD Key" message.


I have the widescreen patch, and I am using an old no cd crack I downloaded for 1.3 retail.


Any ideas what I need to do to get it working?



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From another post of mine: "One gotcha I had is with the NOCD patch. The patch thinks the game is at <x>:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\ when the game is actually at <x>:\Program Files (x86)\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\. Once I backed up the retail Lithtech.exe I simply moved the NOCD version to the correct folder. After that I could run the game without CD 1 being in the drive."


You might check to see if the NOCD patch you used did something similar.


EDIT: I moved your post and the thread to the NOLF 2 tech support forum. :)

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