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Winter Maiden Ship Component Regrade Update

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Greetings Adventurers,

Thank you for alerting us to yesterdayÂs issues with the Regrade Bonus portion of the festival. We immediately contacted XL and have discussed the matter with them. We were able to confirm that Ship Component Regrades and Pet Accessory are not affected by the increased bonus to success chances, and that this was intentional. The special Winter Maiden bonus only applies to weapon, armor, and accessory regrades that are between (and include) Rare to Celestial grades.

This error is on us; we misinterpreted earlier communications on the regrade bonus. We apologize that this was then miscommunicated to you, our valued adventurers. We are making sure that we prevent this from happening again in future, and we also need to make sure that we fairly return what you may have lost from our mistake.

One of the things we have already suggested is a modification to the user interface, or graphical representation that the bonus benefit is active. Other changes will include changes to our communication.

For those of you who had a failure while regrading a ship component or pet accessory between the Rare and Celestial grades between the hours of 9:30 AM PDT and 1:30 PM PDT (when the server was restarted to fix the login issue) on the North American servers, you will receive the following for each failure:
The core ship component or pet accessory, with the appropriate grade, destroyed in your regrade.15 gold and a ship component regrade scroll or pet accessory regrade scroll for each failed attempt.
Unfortunately, there is no easy or fast way for us to quickly return all of these items to you. However, we are committed to doing this right, and we are going to take a manual approach to get everything back in your hands. We will use a variety of internal methods to achieve this restoration. Your lost items will be returned to you throughout the weekend, and may take up to Monday to receive in your mailbox. For pet accessories, we are still working on a timeframe for when they will be returned.

Again, we apologize for this error in communication, and we will work together to put safeguards in place on our side to prevent this from happening again.

The ArcheAge Team

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