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Fix for LoadingCrash

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File Name: Fix for LoadingCrash

Game: Nolf 2, version 1.3 No CD

File Submitter: GamerX

File Submitted: 5 Dec 2015

File Category: Misc (.exe, .dll)


More information, my blog:




Fix for LoadingCrash.

LoadingCrash: Game (NOLF2) randomly stuck and then crash while loading a level.

It is an DirectAudio bug. My patch modify file Lithtech.exe, add a loop which waits for all IStreams objects to be released then allow the game continue to go to IDirectMusicPerformance8::CloseDown(). Without this loop, DirectAudio will still uses those IStreams objects while those objects had been deleted, leads to a jump to a random failure address, and then "Unauthorized access" error.




- Copy current file Lithtech.exe in the installed game folder to somewhere safe for backup, uninstalling purposes.
- Copy 3 files Lithtech.exe, GamerX.dll, GamerX1.dll from this patch to the NOLF2 game folder (where the file Lithtech.exe is, i.e. C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2). This will overwrite the old Lithtech.exe file.




Copy the saved file Lithtech.exe back to the NOLF2 game folder.


How it works


- Run the game normaly.
- If you want to check how this patch is working, run the game as administrator so the log file GamerX.log can be created (in the game folder). Read the file. "CheckIStream End" means the game has run through this patch without any problems. "CheckIStream needLoop" means the patch has prevented a potential crash.







Download link

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