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Layout issues

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well i was screwing around with dedit testing how to make caves and i got really good at it so I wanna make a whole map out of caves. Heres the problem: I really suck at layouts of maps lol.


What I can make:




Forks or Y's or T's



and probloly anything else into a nice looking tunnel so if some one is good at layouts can you mabey draw a layout for a dd map of a few chambers and stuff. One pic for each story of tunnerls would work wonders for going from one level to the next via ramps or ladder just number it like 1 on each picture cause im doing horrible at this layout.

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Just look at the layouts of the existing maps. Or take a look at other games with lots of maps - often they have sites reviewing them. You can get a good idea of what's considered good from that as well, though they don't go into routing that deeply. Just think of what you like about your favourite maps and use that.


In DD there are usually two main routes from base to base. Often they're connected at one or more points. Sometimes one is more emphasised than the other. Choke points are created (nice for people who like the gluegun) and sniping positions added.


DM is often an open space or a kind of circuit (or, two circuits overlayed with connections). In the case of one circuit, there are connections to different parts of itself.

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ya but my favorite maps cant exactly be applied to a cave system lol


the hall im thinking of will have ledges and stuff for sniping and open area with a few obsticles to duck behind with mab a water fall falling from above but the problem is the layout of the tunnels like where they should branch off eachother cuz i want a big map with a good number of routes like Brussels


edit: heres a layout i thought of


user posted image


heres what things are


1. snipping ledge gotton to by a ramp in the chamber

2. a pretty little water fall out of a tunnel u cant get in its called deco

3. is main platform in the cavern that has like stagmits to hide behind

4. under water tunnel that starts in the base and goes into the chamber

5.1 is a tunnel that starts UNDER the ramp

5.2 another sniping ledge

6. is the base


any ideas and crits are welcome


note: this is only half the map other is same just rotated

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