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So as a guy whom likes to tinker with computers I've been working on getting NOLF2 to work on my 64 GB USB 3.0 flash drive. I have most of my tech tools and OS images on it, as well as games for whenever it's a really slow day at work.

I've managed to package it with Cameyo and am down to just seeing if it works. I'm trying to add additional packages and mods to it so I can try some advanced stuff out. I originally tried just installing it to the flash, but there were unfortunately registry dependencies that would conflict with it playing on another device (hence the need to capture with Cameyo for a portable registry). I think I may have it working now. All that is left is to make sure there are no issues. I found this fun to do and interesting. Any input? ^_^

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Update: 11/9/15 I'll be testing out the final product on another device to make sure this is functional. I suppose it's rather unnecessary excess work but it was fun to mess with.


The Lilith.exe can be replaced with a different version for a no-cd key option, but this renders multiplayer inoperable causing an invalid CD key error. I circumvented this by keeping the original Lilith.exe and mounting the .ISO to run virtually (Daemon Tools seems to work). For portability I tested WinCDEmu since it's an executable that allows you to install/uninstall the driver for the virtual drive for mounting on the fly.


I did manage to package the entire thing with LivesForever, LivesForever Plus as well as the map packs and such.


The file did execute from my flash drive, but as it does have a delay when creating the data files needed. An external HDD would be advisable for better loading speeds, but it will work from a USB flash drive. Read/write speeds will dictate loading times.
A decent USB 3.0 would be advisable. I'm going to see how it runs from a HP Compaq Elite 8300 versus a gaming rig for comparison of playability.

I noticed that some extra unnecessary files managed to get captured in the package so I'll have to sift through the files and delete some of them which will hopefully decrease the size considerably.

Once I'm done if anyone is interested I can host the file to Dropbox for download with a some info.



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So I managed to get the core data size of the initial .dat file down to 2.26GB. The entirety of the game is comprised of two files. The application and the .DAT file (since the file is larger than 2GB compressed when including the mods, map packs and so forth).

When you click the application Cameyo will prompt which you would like to launch and you will be given options as to what you want to launch.

I tried to launch this on my work PC (HP Compaq Elite 8300) and it seems to be too much of a potato to handle the unpacking of the file and processing -_-.


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Shoot me a PM if you'd like us to host the file for you.

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The files are hosted on the downloads if you want to check it out.

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I'm testing something right now. It bugged out on me once regarding that for some reason where I too saw it prompt me to install; but shortly after it didn't do that again and I was unable to replicate the issue.

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