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M stands for MusicÂ… and Merit! [NOW AVAILABLE]

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Artists of Erenor,

While your loyalty to your craft is admirable, the team felt that perhaps loyalty was not the best place for a set of fine instruments like these. Sitting and waiting for beautiful instruments like these is no fun, especially when you work so hard to claim your merit badges!

In order to help speed up the process of getting an instrument, the team has moved these beautiful works out of the loyalty store and into the merit badge shop. Now you can grab these instruments much more quickly by completing daily merit badge quests or completing achievements!

The following instruments have been removed from the loyalty shop and will be re-added to the merit shop in the future as follows:

Meadowlark Banjo -- 80 Merit Badges
Cherry Blossom Shamisen -- 80 Merit Badges
Ironsong Lute -- 80 Merit Badges
Evensong Lute -- 80 Merit Badge
Stormwail Sax -- 80 Merit Badges
Reedwhisper Piccolo -- 80 Merit Badges
Catspaw Recorder -- 80 Merit Badges
Autumn Wind Horn -- 80 Merit Badges

Good luck in your badge collection, and play on!

The ArcheAge Team

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