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A few reminders on November and Time Zones

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Greetings Adventurers!

November is here! The leaves are turning and the weather is turning cold, but this time of year also means a few more important things for intrepid adventurers like yourselves! Just a few reminders...

The November login tracker is here!

Now that it's November, the Login Tracker has been updated to give away Archeum instead of candy. While the art on the login tracker hasn't changed over yet, don't be surprised to find Archeum handed to you instead of the prior Hallowtide treats!

This month's logins will also earn you some very important new prizes -- attendance badges! Keep logging in on a regular basis and collect these badges to eventually unlock the Stone Golem mount!

Time Zone Changes -- ArcheAge is GMT!

Recently, thanks to the time shifts in EU and NA, we've gotten a few posts from community members stating that the server time hasn't adjusted. That isn't a bug, actually, because ArcheAge's server time runs on GMT, not on local timezones.

GMT does not change due to daylight savings, but your local timezone may. If you have recently changed your clocks, remember to adjust the times the daily events take place by the same amount.

For more information as to why ArcheAge works like this, visit this post.

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