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Your best concert experience

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Tell us about the concerts you have the best memories of. Here are some of mine:


Smashing Pumpkins, Metropolis Rotterdam

Back when they still wore dresses, before they were famous. We were all wondering whether that guitarist was a guy or a girl. Until he openend his mouth, of course.


Bettie Serveert, Nighttown Rotterdam

The audience wanted them back, but they'd run out of songs. So they just kept playing the same ones. (I saw them a few years later at the same venue in the basement - they'd completely lost their magic.)


Townes van Zandt, Rotown Rotterdam

Some artists *cough*Janet Jackson*cough* cry as part of their act. Townes wasn't like that. He had to stop because he was afraid he'd fall over. A few weeks later he was dead.


Aisha Kandisha's Jarring Effects, Dunya Rotterdam

One guy wore a hood and mirrorshades. Another a fez and a white pyjama. Another a turban and a blue dress. Etc. The music was basically the same.


I could go on, but I'll leave it at that. What are yours?

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Paolo Conte - Auditorium - Dijon - 2005

Very few light effects (something like 3 colours, period), a simple black scene, and 15 of the best Jazz musicians I've ever seen. Inredibly emotional, I stayed in the hall for several minutes after everyone was gone, just to remember the feeling of this moment. This guy is a living legend.


Joe Cocker - Palais des sports - Dijon - 1995

This was my first "big" concert, and will remain a very good memory, despite the awful sound -due to the hall, not to the sound engineer.


Eurythmics - Palais Omnisport de Bercy - Paris - 1999

Ten years after their last album, and 11 years after their last gig in Bercy, I had the chance to see Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart on stage, which is not likely to happen before quite a while, now. Annie's got the purest voice I've ever heard. Awwww...


Killing Joke - Palatina Bar - Athens - 1996

KJ is certainly one of my favourite groups, as you may know. But nothing compares to seeing them live, it's something you'll never forget. It's a celebration more than a concert, and you really feel like strange things happen while they play. Lovecraft would have found the right terms, not me smile.gif Check photos and press articles on www.killingjoke.com!


Queen - a night at the Zenith - unique event - Paris - 1996

A few years after Freddie's tragic death, the remaining three members of Queen decided to offer a special night to their French fans. They played a few classic Queen songs with friends, we were only 5000 people, and it was a real privilege to be there that night. I think it was the last time the band appeared somewhere as "Queen", and not as psecial guests on Brian May's tour dates or whatever.

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Mettalica concert (during the black album tour) 1998? Madison Square Garden.


From my hazey recolections, I THINK I had a great time. The concert floor was shaped likd a figure eight with a revolving middle. This allowed all the musicians to run around the whole arena (cept lars Ulrich of course). Had people run accross the stage on fire, over all crazyness.



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Tori Amos-Plugged tour 1998-Red Rocks Ampitheatre...Morrison, Colorado (Denver). This was the first time I got to see her live, I've been able to see her twice since then. She was, of course, surreal, ethereal, angelic, aggressive, and the embodiment of perfection, but then again, she always is...needless to say she is my favorite musician and we had a great time.


The Alan Parsons Project-Paolo Soleri Ampitheatre...Santa Fe, New Mexico. I believe I went to this concert in 1998 as well...Awesome singer for this concert. There were so many lead singers for the band, even on the same album, that it's not a bad thing to have a different lead singer than you were expecting, it's not like seeing Journey nowadays and being flabbergasted that Steve Perry is no longer their lead singer...Great show, even greater ampitheatre...


Lilith Fair-Wine Festival Grounds...Bernalillo, New Mexico. 1997. I got to see many people that I'd always wanted to see in a single afternoon. Sarah McLachlan, Natalie Merchant, Sinead O'Connor, and Liz Phair..I hope I'm not forgetting anyone.


Easy Star All-Stars/Alpha Blondy-Here in California I was able to attend this awesome reggae show with Alpha Blondy headlining, they were awesome. The highlight of the evening, and the reason I went, was the band Easy Star All-Stars' performance of Dark Side Of The Moon which they lovingly call 'Dub Side Of The Moon'! Can you all imagine?, a reggae version of Dark Side??? I bought the album as well, but I must say, they had definitely made it their own when I saw them perform it live. The album is overly produced at least as much as the Pink Floyd version, it's even Wizard Of Oz compatible if you can believe it. If you get a chance to see Dub Side Of The Moon live then please, by all means, go, even if you don't want to!!!


I'm also planning on going to see my favorite ska band, 'The Toasters', here in California soon, I'll report back after the show!

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Marduk Concert at Wacken Open Air 2005


It was really amazing! It started to rain in the middle of the show for a couple of minutes but I and I think most others around me didn't care at all.


user posted image



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Nah, i dont really go to concerts...

i went to a Jurassic-5 one like 6 months ago in LA,

and most the rap i listen to dont rap no more...

and todays rap is a disgrace to the music race.

and most of the rock i like dont even rock no more,

id like to see Greenday and Dilated people though.

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I thought I'd write a little about some of the concerts that I have been too over my time (and that's not many).


The first concert I ever went to was... Britney Spears! This was back in the day when she was still looking great and making some alright songs. Best part of it? When the set was turned into a bedroom and Britney came out in nothing but a large t-shirt. She does/did have some great legs!


It started to get better after that. I went to see Stereophonics supported by Feeder. The Phonics were good but Feeder were much better. Nothing like some good old British rock.


After that it was Lifehouse. They were pretty damn good. Small gig too so it was kind of "personal". Same night as an England footie match though - that sucked a little.


The most recent concert I've been to is see Lemon Jelly. That was pretty damn good. Some of their tracks really got the place jumping. The place went crazy when "Nice Weather For Ducks" came on.


And that's it - until November. Then I'm taking my girlfriend to see a band that are legends - BLONDIE!!!

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