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Test my beta: Monkey Madness

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I've got another map that needs testing - you should be able to find it here. (needs to be approved, but it looks ok now)


The idea behind it is to make something that's vertical, rather than horizontal, like most maps. I've had a lot of problems with framerates on this one, so let me know how it runs on your comp. And of course anything else you find. biggrin.gif


Here are some screenies:


user posted image

the cosy living room


user posted image

the gallery


user posted image

the atrium, from below


user posted image

the atrium, from above


user posted image

a monkey



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Nobody? I guess I'll be the only one with a rocket launcher then. :P


Anyway, I've uploaded what should be the final version, at the link above. I did get an error when uploading, but it seems to be there. Iff anyone has any problems, please let me know. B)


Edit: there were some problems, but they're solved now. :D

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