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Map Pack 2 *WIP*

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Hi Nolfers !

Here is the Mappack 2 for Nolf2.

This Mappack includes the Retails Maps from Contract Jack which works fine with Nolf2, and some from the Pegasus Mod, also included the best Maps from Justite Blue Contract Jack Maps.

Btw. this Mappack is Freed from all Copyright Stuff, and about 100s X.. and N*dity Pics !!!


Just Unpack with Winrar or 7Zip, into the Nolf2 Main Folder or Custom/Mods/Modernizer or Custom/Resources.

You can also run the Game and add Mods/Maps via Batch File


lithtech.exe -windowtitle "NO ONE LIVES FOREVER 2 " -rez GAME.rez -rez GAME2.rez -rez Sound.rez -rez MapPack001.rez -rez MapPack002.rez -rez Nolf2_custom_jan_19.REZ -rez Update_v1x3.rez +mod Modernizer -rez Custom\Mods\Modernizer\MODERNIZER.REZ  +DisableMusic 0 +DisableSound 0 +DisableJoystick 0 +DisableTripBuf 0 +DisableHardwareCursor 1 +DisableHardwareSound 0 +DisableSoundFilters 1  -rez Map Pack 2.rez

Download HERE


Have Fun :D


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