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odd find in alpine intrigue, scene 1

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a bit awkward, this, since it's pretty much my first post and everything but i figured i'd share it anyway (maybe you've seen it before, idk);


i was playing NOLF with a walkthrough (for the first time in, what, 15 years? jesus) and found this bit of user mail in the alpine intrigue section, right after you've gotten to the inn:


Ok, this is where I stop being able to do this without killing anybody, I

have to kill the phone-booth guys. Can anybody figure a silent way around
these guys? Besides getting real lucky with a coin distraction, I suppose
(is there a way to ring the phone?). The funny thing is, there's a clear set
of walkways on the second story to left of the phone guys that looks tailor
made for going around them, but I'll be damned if I can find out how to get
on them (or if it's even possible).


this is the place:




there was no follow up to any of this, and the walkway looked off since it lacked a railing but still seemed to lead somewhere


since i'm a fan of cut/deleted material from old games i decided to check it out myself --


i entered the noclip cheat -- first try didn't work, which is how i ended up here in the first place! -- and elevated myself in position. indeed, there was an opening of some kind:




and this is what i found upon entering:




a cate model and a light! eerie, i'd say, but then again perhaps these little checkpoint areas are commonplace throughout the game. my best guess would be that the gated area with the long empty tunnel just before the inn would lead to this second-story compartment as an alternate route to finishing the level -- perhaps even a placeholder for a cutscene that never materialized?


we'll never know

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In some older games character models from a cutscene stay hidden in the level for technical reasons.


Yeah, there are many other Cate clones and hidden rooms separated from the main part of levels that are used for cutscenes. You can find them with the noclip cheat, usually by going out of bounds through a black void. But you can actually reach this Cate clone normally. You can break the upper and lower glass on both sides of the telephone booth (Barette Poison Capsule is probably the quietest way), use the now accessible ledges to jump on top of it, and then jump onto the Christmas lights to get to that second story walkway (or to jump over the gate before it opens, so you don't have to wait for Baroness Dumas or if you successfully killed her bodyguard that opens the gate). You can jump on many ledges or small objects in this game to potentially get to areas meant to be inaccessible. Apparently the testers didn't think that creatively when they tested jumping.


my best guess would be that the gated area with the long empty tunnel just before the inn would lead to this second-story compartment as an alternate route to finishing the level


I don't think so. That gated tunnel is enterable from the side you took that picture from, and there's nothing about it to really suggest that it was going lead onto that second story walkway. Most likely it was just a route for show, to have the areas be connected by tunnels, but to not let you go through them which would let you skip other parts of the level. In fact you can even use this tunnel later in "Such is the Nature of Revenge, Scene 1". There's also another tunnel near the beginning of the level that connects to the end of the level, but of course it's also gated off since that would let you bypass the whole level and eliminate the point of following Baroness Dumas. They also just needed somewhere to hide the Cate clone, and sometimes the easiest way to do that is to just put it in the main part of the level, but where the player wouldn't be able to see it. If anything I think it'd make more sense to have the second story walkway that you can get on from the previous area connect to this area. There's even a door up there which suggests that it could've gone further, but you can't open it.

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