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NOLF on Steamdeck

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Gathered from reddit threads

Here's that worked for me for NOLF 1. It worked flawlessly save for the background music/jukebox.

I noticed of particular interest was the option that came enabled by default: "Reduce Latency - Set PulseAudio latency to 60ms, increasing sound quality" - I wonder if this tweak may be what's allowing my copy to work?

This technique does NOT work for NOLF2, still working out a process for that - stay tuned.

Install Bottles from Discover store

Open Bottles, create new bottle "NOLF" set to "Gaming"

Select NOLF Bottle, select "Run Executable" - point to installer exe file

Run through installer, open Bottle, find "The Operative: No One Lives Forever" in the Programs section

Click the ellipsis [rename if desired, I think the default name was a bit whack], add desktop entry - do not click add to Steam

Open desktop icon, validate working

Right-click desktop icon, add to Steam

Alternately [I used this method due to renaming after creating the symlinks and borking things]: Manually edit/add game to Steam with the following properties: [can be found via right click > edit on .desktop file]

Title: The Operative: No One Lives Forever Target: [blank] Start In: [blank] Launch Options: `flatpak run --command=bottles-cli com.usebottles.bottles.run -p 'The Operative: No One Lives Forever' -b 'NOLF'

(adjusting for your actual name in use, of course)

Reviving some old threads but I have info to add

using GE-Proton9-4 to install the NOLF1 revival exe

So like others in the comments of various threads, I got the game running just fine but was not getting music. I did some research and found out that this exact thing also occurs with games that came out around this time on the Steam Deck, such as a game called Gothic. I followed a Steam forum that details how to fix the music in Gothic, and it works for NOLF 1. This is what I did:

In protontricks, you have to select "Install a Windows DLL or component", scroll down and select "dmusic" and press okay. NOLF uses directmusic to play its in-game music, which was included in old versions of directx.

After selecting OK, be patient because protontricks will be installing a handful of dependencies that go along with dmusic for it to work. Once it states that dmusic has been installed, you should be ready to go with the music.

But we are not done yet. If you launch the game now, you will have music, but sound effects, such as gunshots will have a slight delay and echo. To fix these new issues, in protontricks, go into "run winecfg". In the libraries tab you will find "*dsound" and you want to press edit. Change that from "Native (Windows)" to "Builtin (Wine)". That should fix the sound effects to get back to normal.


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