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I have no idea if that was done in the LivesForever mod, but if it was there was probably some other reason why I did not use that one.

It was something to do with the source code, guy who replied to a year old post, who may eventually read this post made over one year later and even reply to it in another year to keep synchronicity. I am not a programmer, but it's probably not like many are going to have an interest in poking around a game like this so I decided to do it myself. I made very simple edits on a few things, and going through documents it was something like removing this line of code from a document called clientservershared.cpp.


bool IsRevivePlayerGameType()
    switch( GetGameType( ))
        case eGameTypeCooperative:
        case eGameTypeDoomsDay:
            return true;
            return false;

I remember it taking a while to completely iron it out so it may have needed more edits or I made superficial ones along with that one, and I never did anything like put in spectator mode or have it end the game when a person died (it could actually glitch the game if someone made a level transition with a dead teammate, the dead people would be brought back as they should except with weird weapon glitches).

Getting the compiler and getting it all set up to even begin to make any edits was a pain, and doing all that with Contract Jack was much worse so I never bothered with that one.

Probably not that difficult for someone who really wanted, to do things like remove the respawning enemies people are still complaining about in 2017 (!!!), or make all of them blind, invisible, and respawning after every shot fired at them. Is it worth bothering? My answer would not fit the atmosphere of this forum, or board, or even my implied interest in a game that is fifteen years old.

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