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Hollywood out of ideas?

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There's a lot of talk right now of Hollywood running out of ideas. Too many TV-movies, too many comic book adaptations, too many sequels, too much cgi, etc. Is it really that bad? Were this years' blockbusters worse than previous years? Will anyone go and watch Scooby Doo 3 or Rocky 6? Or maybe it's just the filesharer's fault?



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Good question goo-boy.


I'm not sure the file-share problem is as pervasive in the film industry as it is in the music community, most due to the size of the files itself.......cuz...uh....I....was told this by someone who knew someone...... ANYHOW.


As a movie buff, I agree there is muuuuch tripe being put out these days. You would think that movie studios would realize that if you have an original idea, done with a good director, good plot, good actors, you will get a return on your investment.


This of course is not the case as they made how many Police Academy movies?


But look at movies such as BATMAN.

The most recent Batman movie (Batman Beginns) was the best movie of the whole film series. All the one's prior were stupid and cartoony beyond belief. Somebody finally got their head out of their butt, and got a guy that fit the part (Christian "American Psycho" Bale). They included a great background of the origination of Batman, and carried it through to the end.


You wanna see some good flicks, check out some Bollywood films. Subtitles asside, they are done on modest budgets, but really get the job done.



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Bollywood? I'll give you irony points but that's it! Yes Goo, there's a lot of junk out there, but I find it irrelevant because we have a lot more choices than we used to...For all the garbage, there's tons of good movies being released as well, you just have to find them. Hollywood is constantly crying fowl over their lost profits but if you ask me, they pay their actors waaaaaaaaaay too much. Do some actors really deserve 20+ million for one movie? What's wrong with 2 million, I'd be fine with 2 million for acting! The 'big' money is exchanged by very few hands in this instance, and no one else sees any of it. With the advent of DVD, independent movies have gotten a big boost, not to mention cable and satellite. If you want to see good movies, look for them, no one is twisting anyone's arm to see American Pie 56. There's more junk, but there's probably even more good stuff out there too. My motto is to never look down upon a situation that gives you choices...

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Whether their running out of ideas doesnt matter...

point is, the movie-theatre business is funked up,

there have been many great movies out that ive felt like

seeing but its too expensive, not that i dont have the money,

its: Should i gotto the movies for 15 bucks (ticket and snacks)

or should i register at blockbuster or netflix for 10 bucks a month

and see all the movies and new releases too for a full month?


Not only that, the bootleg/pirated movies is also throwing

fast blows in the movies face, and the cable/sattelite thing

is also beating the phuck out of the movies...triple-teamed,

there should be major changes in the movie business or i dont

see how it could continue on.

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Knix was talking about Bollywood movies, and I must agree, there are really interesting things that xome from indian studios every year.


About Batman, I'd say yup, it was the best one. Even better than the two made by Burton, I think. Burton focused on the aesthetical aspect a bit too much, maybe, but he also was the first director who tried to create a "modern" Batman that mixed elements from the original comics and its 90's counterpart.


So, well, story-writers don't really "run out of ideas", it's always difficult to write a good story, should it be for the X-Men, Batman, whatever. The main reason why they don't create original characters is not lack of inspiration, it's just money. You're more likely to get a blockbuster if you put a cool script and well-known characters in the mixer.


I'm a big Marvel fan, and I stilll haven't been deceived by any Marvel-inspired movie. Yep, I even liked DareDevil and the Punisher, shame on me. I still haven't seen the Fantastic Four, though. If it's crap, I'm gonna bomb hollywood, that ain't no joke biggrin.gif


On the other hand, one thing I noticed about american cinema in general is that story-writers (who are often directors at the same time) base their scripts upon novels, true stories or licences (such as Marvel characters) most of the time. How many original scenarios are turned into movies every year at Hollywood? Not too many, I guess. This might be the "lack of inspiration" Goo was talking about, yes.


On this very point, european film industry, which also has its baaaad sides, can produce surprisingly refreshing movies from time to time. This year, my favorite would be Year of the Devil, a czech production that can apparently be found on DVD in the US, but not in France. People who like music, poetic stories, and human adventures, go for it! I saw it in czech language, didn't understand a good 3/4 of the dialogues, but still I liked it a LOT. wink.gif

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I saw Punisher, and noticed taht basically the whole movie focused on pain and being tormented, and kinda left me with a low feeling after it was over.


I saw DareDevil, and whoopdydo, nothing really special, just same old same old.


The only good comic book movie so far has been Hulk, if for no other reason than the CGI sequences, like the part where he throws the tank around, or rides the plane, etc...Other than that, yawn, too predictable and normal.

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The only good comic book movie so far has been Hulk, if for no other reason than the CGI sequences, like the part where he throws the tank around, or rides the plane, etc...Other than that, yawn, too predictable and normal.


The Hulk?? Of all the movies made recently you picked that as a good example? Now I adore the Hulk, I grew up watching the TV series every week, but the movie was a total disgrace. The plot, the acting and even parts of the CGI were pathetic. I was hugely disappointed.


X-men would have been a better pick, even if they had the wrong gal for Rogue. Electra wasn't so great but still somewhat enjoyable to watch whereas I actually got bored in the Hulk. Spiderman I didn't care for mostly because they made Peter Parker way too wimpy and there was no chemistry between the two actors (she was NOT MaryJane material). Batman begins was excellent, it pulled the Batman into modern times without causing too much pain to the devoted fans and it really explored the character. Fantastic Four was a lot of fun and one of my favorites for this summer.


I agree Goo, Sin City was a good one. Just rented it over the weekend and am still mad at myself for missing the chance to see it on the big screen. I totally loved the visual style, although I could have done without the many heads flying around. lol!


I know it's sad that there aren't a bunch of new movie ideas, but I'm thrilled with the comic book trend. There are so many fascinating characters to explore and bring to life. For me, movies are all about escaping into another world or character... so I prefer there to be mutant super powers involved instead of the drudgery and drama of 'normal' people.

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I can't believe they're remaking Adventures In Babysitting, that's sacrilege. And...they're remaking The Blob for the third time????, was it that great of a concept for three movies??? The 1988 version wasn't that bad actually, and it left room for a sequel at the end, they should've just made that.

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