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Coop Mod

By Jerkakame 


Makes single player levels playable in Coop. And also makes all multiplayer characters playable in coop, with fixed health and armor. The other coop model mods had deathmatch health/armor in coop.

Also made all default skills to lvl 3, so it gives you more total skill points to downgrade and upgrade skills. I thought the original skill point amount was too low.

put the rez file in a folder inside your mods folder
example: custom/mods/jerkmod/

Chapter 8
In the part where you meet the Mimes, the spawn point is stuck behind some debris, so if you respawn you will get stuck behind it.
So dont respawn and try to revive each other, and Quicksaving works in multiplayer.

Chapter 15
The last level also has a bad spawn point where it spawns you in a black room outside the map.


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