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Play multiplayer without mods (optional)

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I downloaded and tested the various "Game server browser" to connect to a multiplayer game. (The problem GameSpy liquidation in June 2014).

Game Series NOLF (NOLF, NOLF2, Contract JACK) only supports Qtracker
Qtracker is a game server browser for the Internet and your LAN. It can also generate HTML and PHP server listings, allow you to Remotely Administer your game server, it can tell you where your friends are playing, supports server-side filtering, and even region filtering. Additionally, Qtracker can display player names using the in-game font for a variety of games, allowing you to see fun names, and Qtracker can show you a thumbnail image of the map being played.
Qtracker is COMPLETELY FREE. There's no advertisements, spy ware, or any of that crap. And it's written by one person who does not have a lot of free time to work on it. Even though it's free, make a contribution by registering so I will not decide to stop being such a nice guy.

!!! Important !!!

Right-click on the icon //Qtracker //NOLF2 //Contract JACK// - Properties - Compatibility

1. Make the //Qtracker //NOLF2 //Contract JACK// executable run in Windows XP Service Pack 3 compatibility mode

2. Disable desktop composition for the //Qtracker //NOLF2 //Contract JACK// executable.

3. Add the //Qtracker //NOLF2 //Contract JACK// executable to the exceptions list for Windows' Data Execution Prevention.

If compatibility is not enabled, then from “Game Type” only works DeafMath (DM),... other game types (TDM, DD, Co-oP) do not work


Qtracker with Windows 8.1
1. After installing Qtracker, Windows 8.1 system will message to download and install DirectPlay.(Press "Ok")
2. If compatibility Qtracker with Windows XP SP3 is not enabled, then Qtracker ERROR message: "Filed to start the application"

I installed Qtracker on two computers with different providers.
I launched the classic server Contract J.A.C.K. (v1.1) without mods on one computer (
Pre In the network settings on your computer, change your primary DNS to:

On another computer (another Internet provider, I installed a "clean" without mods game Contract JACK and interface Qtracker I saw the server and all connected ... and easy.
Playing with modes from the URA Project-M 1.0 & Multiplayer Launcher v1.0 has also been installed and tested.
The situation was modeled off the server http://sficlan.net/nolf2servers/cj_servers.php?action=add
In this situation, the server Contract JACK You can connect only interface Qtracker

Mod from URA Project-M 1.0 bug fixes Format string vulnerability, so it is necessary of course


...The interface Qtracker I saw all the servers and NOLF2 & NOLF well.


Multiplayer "No One Lives Forever 2"ver 1.3 ... mod LivesForever you must install too...

After install Qtracke you need to change setting Qtracker for your game "No One Lives Forever 2":
View - Setting - Games - Installed - "No One Lives Forever 2"
Field Brouse...
X:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\
here X: your disk
Field Command Line...
-GOMULTIJOIN 1 +join [$server_ip_address]:[$server_port_connect]


Main window - "No One Lives Forever 2"- right mouse button - connect - now!
Field "Command Line" For game "Contrack J.A.C.K." free...

For join "Contrack J.A.C.K." no problem (lol)


!!! If you create a Game Server, then change the DNS setting on your computer to:


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