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TeamSpeak issues (mic not working)

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Here's a post taken from my GW Guild's forum, translated into english, because I can't seem to find out what's the deal with my friend's configuration. To be honest, I didn't even try:


As some of you might have noticed, I can connect on our TS server and hear conversations, but I can't participate. I do have a microphone, I have activated mic. boost, it's selected in TS, so to make it short everything should be fine - it works perfectly with Skype and MSN.


Here's my harware configuration, just in case:

-ASRock K7VM4 motherboard, with integrated audio chip (there's also a video chip, but it's turned off)

-"noname" LAN card

-mercury switch (to prolong the cables)

-Netgear router/firewall for cable modem (the problem might come from there, some friend gave me the DOS commands to know which ports are used by apps, but it's a long, complicated and boooooring thing to do and anyway I don't remember them).


Well, if as I've been told, there is some tech god / goddess around who might have any idea about what to do (for example which ports should I open - it would be weird as we're talking about upload, but who knows...) I'd be more than glad.

And, of course, thanks in advance!

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what kind of Audio...........CMI, A97, ? Does your audio heve its own control panel? Is the windows audio enabled when you have TS on? And is it muted? These are some of the questions I ask myself when I have audio problems. Which I find when using different programs is quite often.

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Here are some more info provided by Richard:


Audio chipset is AC97, mic. is selected as record source in the windows audio pannel, disabled for playback in this same pannel, volume almost at max, mic boost enabled (Hardware or software, I don't know), no mute option activated, neither in hardware, nor in software. And when I enable mic. for playback, sound and voice are correctly sent to the speakers, I tested it with my brother, who was in another room, near the speakers, and he heard the insults I said to him wink.gif . So, it seems that the mic->sound card system is ok, I think the issue comes from Upload, or TS.


About Teamspeak, I have kept the default settings. For my first try, a few days ago, I changed some, but there was no result. Since then, I formated C: , because of a crappy software that Genesis Aka Aleister Coleman advised me biggrin.gif , in order to eliminate this IE crap. After having reinstalled Bill Gates' OS, I installed TS with all the default settings and codecs.

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He mentioned that he was using the default settings. Usually, the default sound input/output settings don't work well. They have to be adjusted for teamspeak to activate your voice transmission. I think this is the problem. Sliding the bar to the left, or toward "whisper" makes your activation more sensitive, where all it would take would be a whisper to activate it. If he's reading an english version of the TS program, he may not know what this means if he doesn't speak english.

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I think Richard uses the "push to talk" option, rather than voice activation. I'll try to check all his settings myself if I have the time today, and I'll report back to you later. Anyway, thanks a lot for your help, guys!

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