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Patch Notes - March 28, 2024

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Patch Notes
Content Updates
Improved the Equip effects for Teta/Jenna/Xeno/Kidela Ring Equip as follows. 
  • Changed Physical/Magic Defense Penetration effect to be granted from the existing Legendary grade to Divine grade. 
  • Added Melee/Ranged/Magic/Healing Skill Damage increase effects to be granted from Celestial grade.
[Daylight Saving Time]
We will be adjusting in-game content and event schedules to match the daylight saving time in EU and NA.
  • EU: CET > CEST
    • All in-game content and event schedules will be adjusted on March 31, 2024, at CET 02:00 for EU regions.
  • NA: PST > PDT
    • All in-game content and event schedules will be adjusted on March 28, 2024 maintenance for NA regions.
Bug Fixes
Added a tooltip to clearly show that the Springtime Gift Box is a time-limited item.

Improved Tactful Life Enhancement description regarding item recipients.

Fixed the issue where some quests required discontinued Illustrious and Magnificent equipment.

You will no longer be able to proceed with the Achievements related to Illustrious and Magnificent Equipment.

Fixed the issue where the Militia quest dialogue had the wrong boss name.

The cooldown for Red Dragon Weapon skills will be displayed.

Fixed the issue where other characters' Powerstone Pet name tags were visible during Stealth when optimization mode was activated or Character Detail option was set to low.

Fixed the issue where the Full Daru Specialty Preservation Bag was not stored at Trade Pack Storage.

The Springtime Essence Awakening event has started. (Until Apr. 11th (Thur), 2024 before maintenance) 
  • Players can purchase a "Springtime Essence: Rank 1" from the Marketplace for free (once per account) during the event period.
  • During the event period, 1 "Springtime Essence Growth Scroll" will be sent by mail every 20 min while you are online, depending on conditions.
  • You can use the Springtime Essence Growth Scrolls and 10 Labor to upgrade Springtime Essence and exchange them for various items.
  • Your character needs to be Lv55+ and 6,000+ Equipment Points to participate in this event.

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