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Nolf 2 Server cooperation / coordination

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Today our Nolf 2 Whatsapp group proved to be a useful asset once again. Hugo, me (and Ted seperately) were in the server. Onyx would have joined with Lameduck but there were some technical difficulties. That means we would have gotten 5 people into the servero on a random day based on quick communications.


What happened is that Hugo and I completely lagged out. I don't know why but I have had more issues with the UnityHQ server. Sometimes my ping is a stable 180 and somewhat playable, sometimes my ping goes up and it becomes unplayable.


To rule out any problems on my side, I am running a i7 16GBDDR3 "SinglePCIeDualGPU" system on a 40Mbit down and 10Mbit up connection (guaranteed). Any game works just fine on any server and Nolf 2 also runs great on a server I can quickly host at my moms place on an old PC using windows remote desktop.


No offense or anything personal to E1 about the UnityHQ server but Hugo and I are thinking about getting a European server. The costs of gameservers goes down and down every few years. To make sure that this community would benefit from that server, I looked at:

- A hosting company experienced with online games

- Situated near or directly connected to the AMS-IX Datacenter to ensure the fastest possible connection to the U.S. (Britain will be ok anyway)

I found a reliable hosting company that is almost next to the AMS-IX (geographically) and has a direct connection to the AMS-IX. No DNS interference at all. They offer 16 slot public unbranded Call of Duty 1 (for comparison to nolf2) servers for 8 euro's a month with a guaranteed fast (100+mbit) connection and unlimited uptime (related to server-client communication). I am currently talking about Nolf 2 with them and said that we could deliver everything software-wise. This package would be a lousy 8 euro's a month split into 4 and 4 by Hugo and me.

I was amazed at how cheap gameservers are these days! It is quite obvious actually, the Dutch government invested millions in nation-wide glass fibre networks and the IT service industry is BIG in the Netherlands.



Another option would be to invest together in a server (or the current server!). My problem is not that I would not want to cooperate with the current owners but that I want the most optimal solution for the community. This involves a server close to the AMS-IX or close to the USA datacenter that is connected to the AMS-IX. The old [sT] server was (perhaps not on purpose) an excellent solution. US West Coast players had good pings and I was always above 100 and under 130. Not optimal but acceptable!

Before me and Hugo go spend and introduce a European server, I would like to hear if anyone has any ideas or other options. Basically, what we are doing is generating additional Nolf 2 funds from our own pockets but we are also immediately spending it ourselves. Although we can do with our money what we want, if we want to act on behalf of the community, some coordination or cooperation is nessecary. There are valid questions here:
- Would we take a DM server?
- Would UnityHQ change into a DM server?
- If we prove to have a good solution for EU and USA players, would the UnityHQ server dissapear due to obsoleteness? What would happen with those funds?
- etc.

I would like to hear where you stand. I have the intention of reviving the Nolf 2 community with old or new players but if we really want to make something out of it, we would have to do it together.

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