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NOLF 2 crashed after graphics go weird

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I installed NOLF2 on a Windows 7, 64-bit, PC, patched it to 1.3, modded it etc. In multiplayer everything works fine. But the singleplayer mode crashes after a minute or so to desktop. First the graphics go all weird: I can see through doors or there are colorful stripes and beams in my way ... any ideas? Oh, and I use an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 graphics card.

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thx, I tried that and it didn´t work. I´ve been playing arount with the graphics resolution though. It seems to help to reduce the resolution. I can play for 5 minutes now ... :)

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I had similar issues with other old games. First I do the regular stuff:

- Start in WinXP compatibility
- Always run as administrator


Then I open my GPU Software. I put every setting on application based = the application controls the GPU and the GPU will not force anything on the application


The final part is tinkering. You start the game in a resolution that was acceptable when the game was released. Usually 1024x728. You then disable all hardware options. ALL of them.

You then start enabling options on an option by option base untill you get errors. When you finally got the options together that make it work, you play with the resolution.


Sometimes these old games use effects we no longer use. Modern cards deliver better performance and possibilities but not always backwards compatible. You may find your FPS and stability soar when you disable "shadows of stupid little useless objects".

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Hey Ion, good to see back, look forward to fragging with you again (graphics willing of course)

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