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Picture This: Getty Images Releases Generative AI By iStock Powered by NVIDIA Picasso


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Getty Images, a global visual content creator and marketplace, today at CES released Generative AI by iStock, an affordable and commercially safe image generation service trained on the company’s creative library of licensed, proprietary data.

Built on NVIDIA Picasso, a foundry for custom AI models, Generative AI by iStock provides designers and businesses with a text-to-image generation tool to create ready-to-license visuals, with legal protection and usage rights for generated images included.

Alongside the release of the service on the iStock website, Getty Images is also making advanced inpainting and outpainting features available via application programming interfaces, launching on iStock.com and Gettyimages.com soon. Developers can seamlessly integrate the new APIs with creative applications to add people and objects to images, replace specific elements and expand images in a wide range of aspect ratios.

Create With Im-AI-gination

Generative AI by iStock is trained with NVIDIA Picasso on Getty Images’ vast creative library — including exclusive photos, illustrations and videos — providing users with a commercially safe way to generate visuals. Users can enter simple text prompts to generate photo-quality images at up to 4K resolution.

Generative AI by iStock Powered by Picasso Editing APIsInpainting and outpainting APIs, with Reflex feature coming soon.

New editing APIs give customers powerful control over their generated images.

The Inpainting feature allows users to mask a region of an image, then fill in the region with a person or object described via a text prompt.

Outpainting enables users to expand images to fit various aspect ratios, filling in new areas based on the context of the original image. This is a powerful tool to create assets with unique aspect ratios for advertising or social media promotion.

And coming soon, a Replace feature provides similar capabilities to Inpainting but with stricter adherence to the mask.

Transforming Visual Design

The NVIDIA Picasso foundry enables developers and service providers to seamlessly train, fine-tune, optimize and deploy generative AI models tailored to their visual design requirements. Developers can use their own AI models or train new ones using the NVIDIA Edify model architecture to generate images, videos, 3D assets, 360-degree high-dynamic-range imaging and physically based rendering materials from simple text prompts.

Using NVIDIA Picasso, Getty Images trained a bespoke Edify image generator based on its catalog of licensed images and videos to power the Generative AI by iStock service.

Customers can use Generative AI by iStock online today. Advanced editing features are now available via APIs and coming soon to the iStock website.

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