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Exploits and you: A community guide to what goes, and what doesnÂ’t

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May Nui smile upon you, Adventurers!

Today we’d like to discuss exploits with you all. We know this is a hot topic in the community, and it has led to continual questions on what is and what is not allowed in the world of ArcheAge.

First of all, we want to stress to you all that ArcheAge is very much a game of experimentation and strategy. We love seeing how all of you utilize our in-game tools as you adventure throughout the lands. We very much want to preserve that type of exploration, as we believe its core to ArcheAge’s philosophy.

What we do want to combat, however, are situations where a player can gain an unbeatable advantage against another player. This leads us to how the team defines what an exploit is:

Exploit (verb, /ikˈsploit/) – A behavior or situation that is unintended by the game’s design and leads to a clearly unbeatable advantage.

The important word here is unbeatable. While some unintended situations may give you a benefit that is strong, many of them still can be beaten by a team of coordinated adventurers, or can be countered by a different strategy. (But be aware that said unintended behavior can be patched out by Trion and XL in the future!)

Below are some common situations that you, as a community, have had questions on. Please consider this guide to be our final answer on these situations, and make sure to share it with your fellow community and guild members. As new questions appear, we will update this guide on a case-by-case basis.
  • The AoE Damage Maneuver on Hasla Rift – This strategy is allowed.
  • Damage Immunity on the Hounds of Kyrios – This strategy is allowed.
  • Attack LoS/Range Problems on Morpheus & Hanure – This strategy is allowed, but this may change at a code level in the future.
  • Issues with multi-boss fights on Serpentis & Hounds – These strategies are allowed.
  • Animation cancelling – These strategies are allowed. In PvP, you can still be burned down by multiple enemies/trapped/make a mistake. Additionally, the implementation of the skill queue will likely prevent animation cancelling from occurring in the future.
  • Longboards & Tradepacks – This strategy is allowed.
  • Anthalon & Siege Towers -- This strategy is allowed.
  • Harpooning to get characters into a position where they become untargetable by players and enemy monsters in order to kill a boss -- This is not allowed, and may lead to action taken against your account.

If you have further questions on any of this, or would like to suggest something be added to the list, please post below. Until then, travel safe and fight well!

The ArcheAge Team

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