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Regarding Yesterday's Removed High-Regrade Items

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We'd like to shed light on the few highly-regraded items that were removed yesterday. Our Support Team regularly reviews regrades of epic rarity or higher to confirm they’re being created legitimately. If foul play is detected such as botting or abuses of exploits (the fix for which is being applied in a few hours), the illegitimately-generated items are removed and the related accounts are actioned appropriately.

During the course of the Divine Blessing event, the team noticed some suspicious activity by 63 accounts. We collected the necessary evidence of foul play and permanently banned these accounts during yesterday's maintenance window, removing the items as well.

Why did we wait to address this?
When you're going to raid the bad guys' hideout, you don't broadcast it ahead of time as they'll scatter and hide their stolen booty. We identified our targets and took them out all at once, along with the illegitimately-generated items.

What happens to innocent players who bought a removed item? Is the Auction House safe to use?
Our Game Masters will be returning the gold spent on purchasing the item. If you haven't received this reimbursement by the end of the day tomorrow, be sure to let us know by submitting a help ticket or hitting up our live chat. The Auction House is safe to use and always has been. In situations like this, we make sure that the innocent are unaffected by the actions of the bad guy they unintentionally interacted with.

We have a small game update coming to the servers tomorrow at 1:00 AM GMT for EU and at 8:00 AM PDT for NA which will fix the exploit. While bringing down the game three times in one week is not optimal, this fix is important for the game’s health and should take less than two hours to apply. We'll continue to monitor for further abuses and will communicate if more actions are taken. Thanks for the largely constructive concerns about lost items and patience while we took steps to remove bad guys from the game.

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