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NVIDIA and Scaleway Speed Development for European Startups and Enterprises


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Europe’s startup ecosystem is getting a boost of accelerated computing for generative AI.

NVIDIA and cloud service provider (CSP) Scaleway are working together to deliver access to GPUs, NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, and services for turbocharging large language models (LLMs) and generative AI development for European startups.

Scaleway, a subsidiary of French telecommunications provider iliad Group, is offering cloud credits for access to its AI supercomputer cluster, which packs 1,016 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs. As a regional CSP, Scaleway also provides sovereign infrastructure that ensures access and compliance with EU data protection laws — critical to businesses with a European footprint.

Sovereign Cloud, Generative AI 

Complying with regulations governing how data and metadata can be stored in cloud computing is critical. When doing business in Europe, U.S. companies, for example, need to comply with EU regulations on sovereignty to secure data against access from foreign adversaries or entities. Noncompliance risks data vulnerabilities, financial penalties and legal consequences.

Regional CSPs like Scaleway provide a strategic path forward for companies to do business in Europe with a sovereign infrastructure. iliad Group’s data centers, where Scaleway operates, are fortified by compliance certifications that ensure data security, covering key aspects like healthcare, public safety, governance and public service activities.

Delivering Sovereign Accelerated Computing 

NVIDIA is working with Scaleway to expand access to sovereign accelerated computing in the EU, enabling companies to deploy AI applications and scale up faster.   

Through the NVIDIA Inception program, startups already relying on the sovereign cloud computing capabilities of Scaleway’s NVIDIA-accelerated infrastructure include Hugging Face, with more to come. Inception is a free global program that provides technical guidance, training, discounts and networking opportunities.

Inception member Hugging Face, based in New York and with operations in France, creates tools and resources to help developers build, deploy and train AI models.

“AI is the new way of building technology, and making the fastest AI accelerators accessible within regional clouds is key to democratizing AI across the world, enabling enterprises and startups to build the experiences of tomorrow,” said Jeff Boudier, head of product at Hugging Face. “I’m really excited that selected French startups will be able to access NVIDIA H100 GPUs in Scaleway’s cluster through the new startup program Scaleway and Hugging Face just announced with Meta and Station F.”

H100 and NVIDIA AI to Scale 

Scaleway’s newly available Nabuchodonosor supercomputer, an NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD with 127 NVIDIA DGX H100 systems, will help startups in France and across Europe scale up AI workloads.

Regional Inception members will also be able to access NVIDIA AI Enterprise software on Scaleway Marketplace, including the NVIDIA NeMo framework and pretrained models for building LLMs, NVIDIA RAPIDS for accelerated data science, and NVIDIA Triton Inference Server and NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM for boosting inference.

NVIDIA Inception Services on Tap

NVIDIA Inception has more than 4,000 members across Europe. Member companies of Scaleway’s own startup program are eligible to join Inception for benefits and resources. Scaleway is earmarking companies to fast-track for Inception membership.

Inception members gain access to cloud computing credits, NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute courses, technology experts, preferred pricing on hardware and software, guidance on the latest software development kits and AI frameworks, as well as opportunities for matchmaking with investors.

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