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Fall Movies

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Narnia is going to be so fun! I saw the preview again while watching 'Sky High' with the kids yesterday. It comes out December 6th, I think.


'The Brothers Grimm' comes out this month. It looks like it might be amusing even though they made the usually handsome Heath Ledger look like a dweeb.


'The Transporter 2' should provide a lot of neat fight scenes and car chases.


'Serenity' is for those sci-fi fans who were lucky enough to catch the short lived TV show before it was yanked. I'd be one of them! smile.gif


'The Greatest Game Ever Played' is a real story about golf, which would normally bore me to tears, but the preview looked good.


'Doom'. I don't have high hopes for this movie, it looks a lot like 'Resident Evil', BUT it has The Rock in it and I do so enjoy him!


'Legend of Zorro' - will it be as entertaining as The Mask of Zorro? Sure hope so.


Aeon Flux - Remember the cartoon? I do. Charlize sure had her work cut out for her on this one.


The Fog - Oooo, I remember seeing the original as a teenager then having to walk home from my friend's house... IN THE FOG! Never ran so fast in my life. Could be a good scary movie.



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I just saw Serenity and liked it a lot :)


I never saw the TV show, either - went in without knowing much about characters other than seeing the preview.


That will be a flick I'll be looking for again when it comes on cable.



They had a preview for Doom at this movie - first time I had seen it. At least in the preview they used a bit of FPS perspective, don't know if that just done for the preview or whether in the movie itself.


Also have seen preview a couple of times for the next Harry Potter. Looks like a lot of money spent on that one ;)

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A friend of mine is dragging me to see The 40 Year Old Virgin this afternoon, it might be funny or whatever, but I should've said no...I hope I'm wrong, because this movie looks retarded.


*edit* I got back from the movie a little while ago. It was pretty funny I suppose, in an Office Space kind of way. I have two problems with the movie thus far, it's similarity to Office Space reminds me of the fact that if I see Office Space one more time, I'm going to throw myself off a building, and two, the story hit way too close to home...

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