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Patch Notes - September 14, 2023


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Patch Notes
Content Updates
  • Added a feature that locks the position of the items in your inventory.
    • Based on the feedback that it was inconvenient how auto-sorting changed the position of frequently used items or items to be swiped, we have added a feature that locks the position of the items in your inventory.
      • The "Lock Item Position" button will be added to the bottom side of the Inventory UI. Click on the button and the Lock Item Position pop-up window will appear.
      • If you click on the [Lock/Unlock Item Position] feature from the pop-up window, your mouse cursor will change into Lock Item Position mode. Clicking on an item will lock or unlock its position and change its outline.
      • Position-locked items can be used normally, sold at a shop, destroyed, grown, listed for Auction, etc.
  • Expanded the UI scale range.
    • We have added a minimum of 70% and a maximum of 130% of UI scale values so that you can enjoy the game with a broader range of UI size.
    • Additionally, we found out that 80% and 90% scale values differed from the values that were actually applied, hence we have improved on this issue.
    • However, please note that this might slightly reduce the size of the UI or change the position of the shortcuts for those who have set their UI to 80% or 90% in size.
  • Added a space where you can set shortcut keys for the optimization mode.
    • Based on the feedback that it was inconvenient how the optimization mode, which was frequently used from the HUD on the bottom right side of the screen, was excluded with the UI revamp, we have added a feature that allows you to set shortcut keys for the relevant mode.
    • This feature has no default shortcut key. Use it upon setting up a shortcut key.
    • Go to: Settings > Key Settings > Misc. > Optimization Mode On/Off
  • Improved the Raid Commander Chat.
    • We have improved on several issues including the issue where the Raid Commander Chat appeared in the middle of the screen, and the issue where this chat overlapped with the quest objective count message, making it difficult to see the chat. Below are the details of the improvements:
    • The location of Raid Commander Chat was moved downwards.
    • Added the "Display Commander Chat Screen at the Center" ON/OFF feature.
    • Go to: Settings > Game Settings > Functionality > Display Commander Chat Screen at the Center (check/uncheck)
    • Changed the background of some system messages to look simpler, along with the Raid Commander Chat.
  • You can now share the Akasch Invasion Investigation daily quests with your raid members. 
    • Before, it was difficult to do the Akasch Invasion Investigation daily quest because of the competition between individual players. To improve on this issue, we have adjusted these quests so that you can share them with members of the same raid by interacting with the sphere or the compass.
    • However, please note that you must be within 25m of the relevant raid member who is interacting with the sphere or the compass.
  • Improved the Marketplace purchase limit icons. 
    • Currently, the purchase limit icons of the restricted items at the Marketplace are the same regardless of their settings, making it difficult to distinguish if they are referring to account/character/daily limits. Hence, we have adjusted the color of the icons based on each item's purchase limit settings.
      • Purchase Limit per Account: Green (remains the same)
      • Purchase Limit per Character: Orange
      • Daily Purchase Limit per Account: Purple
  • Improved the rewards for Freedich Island's Captain Rangora and Rangora the Oathbound. 
    • A certain number of Pirates' Hidden Relics will appear upon defeating them. Return the Pirates' Hidden Relic to the Diamond Shores Relic Merchant to receive the rewards.
    • Ipnya's Blessing was added as a reward.
    • Additional rewards will be applied separately to both Captain Rangora and Rangora the Oathbound.
  • Added "Noryette Arena," a 3v3 party arena.
  • Added the new dungeon "Island of Abundance." 
    • Island of Abundance is a vocational dungeon that does not require combat skills.
    • Added the "Island of Abundance Pass" item that is required to enter the Island of Abundance.
    • Use the pass to get the approval to enter the Island of Abundance.
    • You can obtain the pass from the new quests that can be done by transforming into a Daru.
  • Adjusted the following skillset balance: 
    • Sorcery
      • Frigid Tracks: adjusted the required skill points to 6.
      • Gods' Whip: it originally required 6 skill points and its position was switched with Frigid Tracks. Damage was slightly reduced.
      • Freezing Arrow: reduced the duration of the Freeze effect of its combos from 14 sec to 10 sec when attacking a target inflicted with ice damage.
    • Swiftblade
      • Rending Mastery: an effect was added whereby the debuff duration is decreased by 30% when disabling left-hand equipment.
      • Primal Strike: Life: removed the equipment disable skill applied to the character and added a skill that grants immunity for a certain period of time.
    • Gunslinger
      • Collateral Damage: Quake: revised the tooltip description to fit the characteristics of the actual skill, and changed the max number of affected targets to 4 targets within 5m (hits up to 6 times, for a total of 24 targets).
  • Increased the sharing distance for the Arcane Spheres daily quest for the Akasch Invasion at Ipnya Ridge.
  • Adjusted the Total Raid Income rate for the Nuia Alliance & Haranya Alliance Siege. 
    • Based on 1 person's raid income for 200,000 Gold Territory Income
Number of Siege Defense Territories
East/West Raid Income (Gold)
Pirate Raid Income (Gold)
2,000 → 3,000
1,000 → 1,600
500 → 800
  • Reward for winning in "Dangers From Below" was revamped: Becoming a Seaknight enhance -> ship enhance 
    • Before: Increases Ship Cannon Damage +5%, 1-level increase for certain skill effects
    • Now: Increases ship cannon skill damage +5%, Increases ship repair speed +30%, Increases Max Breath +60 sec, Increases swim speed +20%. Guardian's Cannon Enhancement can be used when steering Small Warships, Medium Warships, and Turtlecrafts.
    • When using "Guardian's Cannon Enhancement", the cooldown for the cannon equipped on the ship will decrease by 30% for 30 seconds.
  • There is a chance that a "Salvaged Ancient Cargo Ship" will appear at the point where Broken Lifeboat is found.
  • Adjusted the price of the 13 types of Civilian equipment to be sold for 1 Copper at the shop. 
  • Added 2 types of Brilliant Transparent Daru Costumes.
  • Added "Awakening" to Daru Costumes.
    • You can now use 1 Shining Daru Costume Awakening Scroll and 300 Labor to awaken to a Brilliant Transparent Daru Costume.
    • Added 3 types of Shining Daru Costume Awakening Scrolls.
    • Can be exchanged with "Coin of Abundance" from the Coin Collector at Mirage Isle.
    • Added Bound Daru Serendipity Stone.
    • The Synthesis effects of "Brilliant Transparent Daru Costume" can be replaced.
    • You can exchange 150 Coins of Abundance for a Bound Serendipity Stone from the Coin Collector at Mirage Isle.
  • Improved the rewards of Advanced fishing, available for Famed proficiency.
  • Fixed the issue where the difference between the claimed rewards and unclaimed rewards was not clear in the UI upon obtaining the ArchePass rewards.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue where the time left was abnormally displayed when reentering Noryette Challenge.
  • Fixed the issue where pets summoned from outside of the Siege area could use pet skills upon entering the Siege area.
  • Fixed the issue where ArchePasses did not expire on their expiry date.
  • Fixed the issue where the floor of the Marianople Faction Base was abnormally displayed.
  • Fixed the issue where the sea was abnormally displayed when watching it from inside the Elegant Pure White Marble Mansion.
  • Fixed the issue where the location of the rifle was abnormal when using the Rifle Drill emote while transformed into a Daru.
  • Fixed the issue where you fell under the terrain when dismounting from the passenger seat in a certain situation.
  • Fixed the issue where the Chat tab was sometimes reset.
  • Fixed the issue where killing members of a friendly faction in a certain region of Aegis Island did not generate bloodstains.
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes you got stuck when entering the Garden of the Gods.
  • Fixed the issue where you could pass through certain rocks inside the Garden of the Gods.
  • The stabilizer will no longer be visible when a Warborn character equips the below costumes:
    • Quarantined, Kyprosa's Winter Furs, Narayana Warrior's Garb, Battle Fae
  • Fixed the issue where Rhythm's skill stack increased when hit by the Stillness skill.
  • Improved the lighting effect displayed when equipping Eternal World.
  • Fixed the issue where performing in an ensemble while using the Crawl emote displayed an abnormal motion.
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes abnormal images appeared in a UCC with a transparent background.
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn't remodel Fellowship Plaza in a certain location.
  • Fixed the issue where unavailable quests appeared on the Kadum instance map.
  • Fixed the incorrect location of Simple Hardwood Chair in the exhibition space of Mirage Isle.
  • Fixed the issue where using Fire Red Dragon's Doom with a female Warborn character displayed abnormal casting motion.
  • Fixed the issue where trees grew inside a house when constructing one in the new residential area of Villanelle.
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes a text about optional rewards appeared when accepting a weekly quest from Hiram Mountains.
Free skill change event will be applied (until Sep. 21, 2023, before maintenance).

"The Moonlight Bunny's Gifts are here" event has begun.

The "Machine Filled Dimensional Crevice" event has begun.
  • You can enter through "Instances" - "Arena" - "Machine Filled Dimensional Crevice."
  • You can use the event coin rewards to exchange them for various items at the "Machining Dimensional Coin Exchanger" at each Faction Base.
Jake's Equipment Growth Discount event has begun (until Oct. 12, 2023, before maintenance). 
  • Jake's Equipment Growth Discount applied: Sep. 14, 2023, after maintenance–Oct. 12, 2023, before maintenance (4 weeks)
  • Lunagem Socketing Cost Discount (10% off) applied: Sep. 14, 2023, after maintenance–Sep. 21, 2023, before maintenance (1 week)
  • Equipment Tempering Cost Discount (10% off) applied: Sep. 21, 2023, after maintenance–Oct. 5, 2023, before maintenance (2 weeks)
  • Ipnysh Artifact Enchant Cost Discount applied: Oct. 5, 2023, after maintenance–Oct. 12, 2023, before maintenance (1 week)
  • Rank 1–3: 20% off / Rank 4–6: 15% off / Rank 7–10: 10% off
  • Added an icon next to "Equipment Points" to improve the visibility of the relevant information.

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