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crashing in dd


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Hi there. Well I decided to upgrade my video card today, and now I can't seem to join a dd server. It crashes straight out as soon as it finishes loading the map. It is a ATI Radeon X700 agp. I tried turning down the refresh rate to 60hz and it didn't help.


Anyone out there got a clue?!?

If I get desperate enough...lol which Im sure I will. I'll just put my old card back in in the meantime.



Btw. it only happens when in dd. weird eh? its fine under co-op and dm.

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As with any new piece of hardware. Make sure you have the latest drivers for it. Reinstall Direct X and then try running the game in the lowest (Safe mode) type settings the game has. Then bump it up from there.


When it exits out does the Windows error reporting window pop up? If it does click the link that allows you to see what information it wants to send to Microsoft. It may give us some specific information on the nature of the crash. If you are using Windows XP or 2000 you can also go into the system log and see the error information under the application log.

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Thank you Major you saved the day.  biggrin.gif

lol I never thought of turning down the texture quality, so everything is a ok.




Glad to hear your issue has been resolved.

We have enough tech savvy people here that if anyone out there has a tech issue post it and someone here should have the answer/answers to help resolve it for you. cool.gif

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