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Thank You for Participating in the Second Ladder Test Season

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The Guild Wars 2 PvP team would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to those of you who participated in the second Ladder Test Season over the past eight weeks. We’ve gathered a ton of data that has already led to a huge amount of internal discussion and debate. In the future, we’ll be able to utilize the data we’ve gathered and the lessons we’ve learned to make even better decisions regarding the future of the competitive side of Guild Wars 2.

As a reminder, the top 500 ranked players in each region will earn a Mini Llama as a reward for participating in the season, and the top 25 players in each region will receive some pieces of the Glorious Hero’s armor, the rarest armor in Guild Wars 2. The top 25 players per region can be found below.

North America
  • Tibs Ironblood
  • Xdarresx
  • Sin Siduri
  • Superform Pippy
  • Zilent The Undeath
  • Bimbîm
  • Sirewilliam
  • S I X S H O T
  • Taeu
  • Prast Brah
  • Thoragon
  • Guns N Stances
  • Legendary Minkion
  • Kol Summers
  • Slevinns Kaviar
  • Ólí
  • Suxxio
  • Mikanena
  • Kranox
  • Fear Is A Lie

We’ll see you in the Mists!

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