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XLGAMES on Developing and Playing ArcheAge

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The Trion Worlds ArcheAge Team is visiting XLGAMES in Seoul, Korea this week to discuss your feedback on the latest changes with Dread Prophecies and what's coming to the game next! Meanwhile, we've published the following pre-visit interview with two of the developers, Producer Yi Kwangro and Design Team Manager Ham Yongjin.

WhatÂs the most difficult decision youÂve made when working on ArcheAge?

Kwangro: There really hasnÂt been a single decision that was easy to make. That being said, the topics we dwell on the most are economy, faction balances, and finding the right balance between casual and hardcore players. These are difficult because a decision usually improves things for one group of players while leaving another group worse off. IÂd say finding a solution that makes everyone happy is the most difficult aspect of developing.


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